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REGINA IN THE SUN Children of the Goddess Book 1 by R. G. Alexander

Publisher: Samhain Publishing
Date published: April 2008
ISBN; 1-59998-924-7 (Electronic)
978-1-60504-114-8 (Paperback)
Paranormal Romance
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Reviewed by Dawn

Regina didn’t know what to do except run…run as far as she can to save her clan of outcast vampires from the evil Shadow Wolves Clan. When she asks for sanctuary in Ye Olde Haven pub, a place for Trueblood Vampires to go to, she never expects to find a love so everlasting it will literally change the world as she knows it. Zander is the head of the Trueblood Council and is neutral in all things until Regina literally lands in his lap with a story so unbelievable he is shaken, especially as he learns this is the one woman who is meant to be his mate. Rules are made to be broken and Zander, Regina and all their allies will need their strength as an evil clan they thought they destroyed ages ago arise from the shadows bent on destroying vampires, weres and humans to take over the world.

I have to say Ms. Alexander definitely delivers a pulse pounding ride from the first page in REGINIA IN THE SUN. I loved the dynamics and the way this author incorporated the Moon Mother and her mysteries. An added plus is some really hot heroes to drool over. Oh my god, Zander and his twin brother Lux, were so yummy that I felt a cold shower coming on just reading their hot sex scenes with their partners. I was hoping the screen on the computer wouldn’t melt from all the heat they were generating.

Meet Regina, a Unborn, one of the lowest caste in vampire hierarchy and she knows she won’t be welcomed with open arms once she reaches the haven called Ye Olde Haven Pub. This is a place where she can claim sanctuary from the dangerous Shadow Wolves who are bent on destroying vampires, weres and humans alike to make the world their own. This is a heroine who is vulnerable, scared yet determined and knows she will do anything to protect her clan regardless of the cost. I love Regina. She was feisty and frankly when she goes toe to toe with Zander over his macho male antics, it made me smile to see her try to get Zander to see she wasn’t just his mate but a woman of worth as well. These two are so combustible I highly recommend you either have a bucket of ice nearby or your honey close so you can work off some of that tension. Zander is the neutral head of the Trueblood council and knows how much his kind hates the Unborn. Together with Regina, they have to make sure they can change the minds of those resistant to change in order to combat the Shadow Wolves threat because if they don’t they will die out very soon. I have to say these two fit together completely. There is the right amount of tenderness, love, passion and sex to keep the reader eager for more. Add in some really intriguing secondary characters that I hope get a story in the future; the reader is captivated completely from the beginning.

R. G. Alexander is a masterful storyteller who captivates her readers in REGINA IN THE SUN with multi-dimensional characters, a fast paced storyline and an ending that leaves you gasping. With some really hot sex scenes and action that keeps the flow moving smoothly, this is an author I am looking forward to reading more of. As this was my first taste into R.G. Alexander’s world, I plan to jump on the other books in her Children of the Goddess series and look forward to more intriguing stories in the future. REGINA IN THE SUN is one of those books you can’t put down for a minute and you are breathless by the time you flip the last page. Run to grab REGINA IN THE SUN and make sure to have a towel handy as you drool over the heroes in this series.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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