Wednesday, November 25, 2009

UNICORN VALLEY COLLECTION Books 1-4 are included in this collection by Lena Austin

Publisher: Changeling Press
ISBN 978-1-59596-897-5
Urban Fantasy/ménage/Shapeshifters/Vampires/Collections
Reviewed by Dawn

Welcome back to Unicorn Valley where in the four stories in this collection will have you enthralled from start to finish as the residents of Unicorn Valley find themselves falling in love.

To kick off this collection, the reader is introduced to Lionel, the last Unicorn Valley gryphon in GRYPHON’S HEART. He needs to find his mate and soon because he is the last of his line. Forced to choose among the other shifters, he finds himself falling for werebitch, Teema, who has loved him forever. What Teema wants is for Lionel to love her in every way but misunderstandings occur and as Teema and Lionel find out, the path to love is never so smooth.

I love Ms. Austin’s writing and if you haven’t read a Unicorn Valley story then you have to grab the whole collection. Here you meet Lionel and Teema plus a host of other secondary characters that keep the story flowing. I love how Lionel can’t understand why Teema won’t be excited with his declarations of being his mate. What a clueless man but add in some teachings from Werewolf Brolly (Lionel’s brother) and some teachings from Teema herself, Lionel finds a way to show her what she means to him. Ms. Austin definitely delivers some exquisite characters to enjoy plus some steamy scenes have the reader squirming in their seats. This is definitely a great kick-off to the UNICORN VALLEY COLLECTION.

Next up is STALLION’S HEART as Herd Stallion Shadow finds himself enamored with Elf Historian, who is determined to not fall in love with Shadow. Can Shadow get this feisty Elf to admit her feelings before it is too late for them?

I loved Shadow and the fact he has his own story had me all excited. Shadow is a future Herd Stallion, one that is very reluctant to be in charge yet knows his destiny very well. He is sexy, alpha and very determined to find a way that no bloodshed is made in the leadership of Unicorn Valley. Ms. Austin delivers an engaging hero that tugs at the heart and a feisty Elf who makes Shadow fall in love even though he has enemies who wants to keep the “purity” of races. Highly enjoyable and it blends seamlessly into the next story.

Next up is Brolly’s story in HEALER”S HEART. You met Brolly in the first story and here he finds himself being forced to either lead the Werewolf pack and give up the life he has made for himself or find a long-lost relative to take over. Add in a gender shifting immortal that falls for Brolly and some exquisite sex scenes that keep the heart racing.

Ms. Austin delivers a story that had me laughing one minute and the next sighing as these two found a love so powerful it will change their lives. I really liked how Brolly was torn in trying to do the right thing while longing for his lover made me shiver in anticipation. Very enjoyable and Ms. Austin delivers a story worthy of reading again.

Finally, we get to meet in full Moontyger, who finds herself torn between two lovers as they go on a quest to find a long-lost shifter to help the Enchanted Forest. Add in humans, gender shifting and other good stuff, MOONTYGER’S QUEST is full of surprises to keep you on your toes.

The final story is about Moontyger and her quest to find the Krinn relatives from long ago. She gets help from dragon Li Chin and Unicorn Mercenary Jamir as they go along the human’s Silk Road and end up finding out more than they ever bargained for. I loved the dynamics of Moontyger, Li Chin and Jamir as they try to maneuver themselves along side the humans and find out things they never expected to find out about each other. A great way to end a collection and I was disappointed to see it end.

UNICORN VALLEY COLLECTION definitely delivers countless hours of fun, excitement that seamlessly blends into the other as you read these four stories. If you enjoy vampires, shifters, unicorns and more, then meet the residents of UNICORN VALLEY. There is something for everyone here and you won’t leave disappointed. I hope Ms. Austin delves into Unicorn Valley again in the future as some of the secondary characters were delightful and enjoyable.


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Lena Austin said...

Thank you, Dawn! I love The Valley series, and I hope to return to writing more about them someday. HUGS!