Thursday, November 26, 2009

SPACE ESCAPES by Jason Edding and Angela Fiddler

Publisher: Manlove Romance Press
Date published: October 2008
ISBN; 978-1-934531-76-1
Futuristic Erotic GBLT/Anthology
Obtained by Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

Come into the imaginations of two talented authors in SPACE ESCAPES.
Dark Robe Heart: Dark Robe Society 1 Jason Edding tells the story of Jack Harrow who is disillusioned by the society he has worked for and in 2575, the world is under military control and the new life he is hoping to have is about to get complicated in the form of Edge Fland, a young man who stirs him like no other has. But Edge has a secret that will either kill Jack or save him as the society wants what Jack holds at all costs.

The Bright Side of Midnight by Angela Fiddler tells the story of a deadly drug that has people dying because of it. Tavish knows all about it as his lover is one of those dying from it and he is on a mission to find a cure before he loses the one man who means the world to him. Going to Alpha Site, he meets the man behind it all and Tavish is pushed to the boundaries as he tries to get the truth out. Will Tavish succeed in getting the help he needs or will it be his ruin?

SPACE ESCAPES gives two wildly entertaining stories for the reader to get lost in. Set in the future, the reader is treated to two stories that will keep you glued to the edge of your seat as you take a journey into the stars above. Both authors deliver sterling stories that had me breathless and looking for more once the last page was read.

In Jason Edding’s Dark Robe Society 1, he introduces the reader to Jack Harrow, a an who is an endless clone of himself. In a world where clones are the norm, Mr. Eddings delivers a wildly fantastic new futuristic to enjoy with this introduction into the Dark Robe Society. Jack and Edge are clones yet they have human feelings for each other. The only time you get a glimpse they are not exactly human is when Edge goes into his “Killer” mode the way his creators designed him to be. This was a great contrast compared to other futuristic I have read in the past. Mr. Eddings deftly weaves a web around the reader and captivates them from the first page to the last. I was enthralled reading Jack’s adventures especially as he falls head over heels in lust with Edge while on the run from the Assassins of the Dark Robe Society. I loved the dynamics and look forward to the continued stories as the world struggles against the Dark Robe Society.

In Angela Fiddler’s The Bright Side of Midnight, we get introduced to Tavish. A man who is trying to get the truth out about a drug that was supposed to help people, instead it turned deadly, killing many. Tavish has to find the truth before his lover dies and he loses the one man who means more to him than anything else. The characters are wonderful mixed bag of unsavory thugs, backstabbers and politicians. A mix of suspense and political intrigue keeps the reader guessing who is the bad guy in Ms. Fiddler’s The Dark Side of Midnight. This is an author who keeps the reader glued to the edge of their seat as she takes them on a wild journey along with Tavish as they race to find a cure to a drug that has no rhythm or reason. It keeps the suspense going and as the reader is drawn more and more into this world, Ms. Fiddler kicks it up a notch with Tavish as he fights for a cure and the truth. Full of multidimensional characters, a fast paced storyline and a romance that sears the soul, Ms. Fiddler definitely delivers a pulse pounding ride from start to finish.

SPACE ESCAPES is a true gem in the two authors who are showcased here. Mr. Eddings and Ms. Fiddler are both masterful storytellers who keep the reader on the edge of their seat as they race across the skies fighting bad guys, finding love and trying to stay alive in the process. If you enjoy futuristic stories then grab SPACE ESCAPES. I am definitely a fan of both these authors now and look forward to reading more from them.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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