Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SURRENDER LOVE Book 1 in Surrender Trilogy/Part of the Kin World by Kayelle Allen

Loose Id Publishing
February 2009
M/M Science Fiction/Futuristic/Fantasy
Obtained by: Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

CLICK TO PURCHASE! For Immortal Luc Saint-Cyr, his love life is the pits lately. A long relationship recently tanked and he throws himself into his work. When he meets drummer Izzorah “Rah” Ceeow, a feline kin, his life finds purpose again and it helps that Rah is a man who is easy on the eyes. Can Luc let Rah into his heart and world without hurting the gentle young man? Can Rah heal the hurt left behind in Luc’s heart? The major question is who will be mastered and who will surrender?

SURRENDER LOVE is the first in Ms. Allen’s new trilogy set in her Kin world and since this was the first book I read set in this world, it helped that she included a little prologue which explained the Sempervians and how everything is in the Kin World. I have to admit, I didn’t know what to expect when I first opened SURRENDER LOVE and was blown away by the sheer scope of this author’s world, and her multidimensional characters literally rocked my socks off. Ms. Allen is my new favorite author and I couldn’t put SURRENDER LOVE down, even to sleep. It was an engrossing story that had me rooting for Luc and Rah to find their desires and let love into their hearts. I do have to mention that there are some scenes that may not appeal to everyone and they include anal intercourse, mentions of rape and other situations. I found they enhanced the storyline and kept the story flowing smoothly.

Meet Luc Saint-Cyr, an immortal Sempervian who just been dumped by his longtime love. Depressed and throwing himself into his work, he questions what he could have done to make Wulf leave him. When he meets drummer Izzorah Ceeow, a feline kin, Luc finds himself drowning in the greenest eyes he has ever seen and feels peace settle inside his heart whenever he is around Rah. Izzorah is a feline Kin who is at the height of his game and when he meets Luc, he finds himself wanting to soothe the battered heart that Luc hides from everyone. Soon these two will find themselves in a relationship where neither knows who is master or who surrenders. Can Luc surrender to love before it is too late? My god, I was blown away by the raw emotions this author conveys in SURRENDER LOVE from the first pages. Luc is a hero who finds himself at a crossroads in his relationships. After being with so many lovers over the centuries and being either mastered or the master, when Wulf leaves him for another man, he finds himself questioning what he did wrong to drive the man he loved away. When Rah comes into his life, he finds a safe haven from the world that calms his battered soul and leaves a feeling of peace. I love, love, love Luc and Rah together. The tenderness and gentleness come across the pages and touches the readers’ heart and when these two finally come together it is pure sensual bliss. Ms. Allen has a way of creating characters that leave an indelible impression on her readers and leaves them wanting more of them. SURRENDER LOVE is a unique story in that she shows the romance behind the scorching sex scenes and it gives it a realness that kept me turning the pages for more. Add in some wonderful secondary characters that keeps the story flowing; Ms. Allen’s SURRENDER LOVE definitely delivers a story I am going to read again.

SURRENDER LOVE is one of those stories that keep haunting you after the last pages are read. I am definitely going to check out her other Kin stories and I am eager to see what other “Surrender” books will come about in this wonderful world she has created. If you enjoy a tender yet scorching hot romance then pick up SURRENDER LOVE. I am definitely looking forward to more from this talented author.


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Kayelle Allen said...

Dawn, thank you for such a wonderful review. The sequel is due early 2010, and I learned this week that Surrender Love finaled in the 2010 EPIC Awards (formerly known as EPPIES). The category is Erotic SciFi Romance. Between your review and the honor of finaling in the EPIC Awards, I'm beyond excited. Thank you again.