Friday, November 27, 2009

THE WOLVES SUBMISSIVE Book 2 in Series by Ava Rose Johnson

Publisher: Loose Id Publishing
Date published: August 2009
ISBN: 978-1-59632-945-4
Historical Paranormal Shifter Ménage
Obtained by Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

Abigail is mated to wolves Stavros and Caine and in the six moons she has been with them; she longs to be turned into a wolf like them. But it seems Caine doesn’t want to turn her though her other mate, Stavros is longing to give her her hearts desires. Can Abigail get these two strong willed mates of hers to give her all she desires and help her become THE WOLVES SUBMISSIVE?

THE WOLVES SUBMISSIVE is the sequel to Beauty & the Beasts and it picks up several months later. In this hot story, Abigail is trying to get her mates, Stavros and Caine, to finally make her one of them- a wolf but even though Stavros is willing, Caine is being obstinate in denying what she is fated to be- their wolf mate. I loved the way Abigail wrapped Caine and Stavros around her finger. She was spunky, independent yet vulnerable as well. Add in some great secondary characters that keep the story flowing and you have a wonderful engrossing story to enjoy on a cold fall evening. I have to say this was a very hot and entertaining story even though I didn’t read the first book, Beauty & the Beasts. I do know after finishing this one, I plan to pick the first one up to see how Abigail became these sexy alpha wolves mate. Ms. Johnson is a new to me author and I was thrilled by the way she masterfully weaved a spell around the reader with THE WOLVES SUBMISSIVE. It had some really interesting characters, fast paced storyline and a climatic ending that leaves the reader longing for more. I really enjoyed how Abigail stood up for herself against her alpha males and forced them to see she belonged to them heart and soul. Add in a war brewing, evil dark magic and you get a wild ride from start to finish.

Meet Princess Abigail. She was destined to be alpha wolves, Stavros and Caine’s mate in all ways except Caine can not force himself to see she really wants to please them and become their submissive. Abigail goes to great lengths to show Caine that she wants his dark passion more than anything while Stavros is eager to help the process along. Abigail is a heroine who is a perfect foil to these two alpha males. Petite she may look fragile yet she is like tempered steel inside and she would have to be able to put up with her two mates. I loved her feistiness and the way she was able to wrap them around her finger even as she fought for her hearts desires. Stavros and Caine are twins and wolf shifter alphas and though Abigail is destined for them, Caine has issues that cause him to turn away from the new woman who completes him heart and soul. Can Stavros and Abigail get this proud stubborn man to see what is right before his eyes? OH MY GOD! These two hunky heroes are so sinfully hot I was afraid the screen was going to melt whenever Abigail, Stavros and Caine melted together in wild passion. There are some scenes with BDSM elements and ménage scenes. It may not appeal to everyone.

THE WOLVES SUBMISSIVE is a perfect story to read when you want to have some hot passionate fun with two hunky alpha wolves and the woman who loves them. Ms. Johnson creates a wonderful story that will capture the readers’ heart. I do recommend reading the first book first as in THE WOLVES SUBMISSIVE; they make references to what happened in the first book, Beauty & the Beasts. I urge you to run to grab this and make sure to keep your honey nearby- you’re going to get a bit warm reading this one. A great book to read on a cold autumn night.


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