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Publisher: Black Lyon Publishing
Date published: October 2009
ISBN: 978-1-934912-21-8 (E-book & Paperback)
E book/Paperback
Obtained by Author
Reviewed by Dawn

CLICK TO PURCHASE AS EBOOK! For Jaguar Shifters, Lyon Savage and his brother, an Elder decree for their pride has them racing against the clock to find the one woman who can give them what each desire: to be the alpha of the Pride. For Lyon Savage, that is Kitlene, a woman whose fragile beauty and inner strength draws him like no other has. Warring with desire and duty, can Lyon find a way to keep his true mate while trying to save his pride and his future?

UNDER A SHIFTERS MOON is the first book I have read from Ms. Thomas and I have to say, I loved this one. It had a nice build up between Lyon and Kitlene plus the reader got to meet some wonderful secondary characters that kept the story flowing nicely. Ms. Thomas creates a wonderful, rich shifter world that draws the reader in from the first page and captivates you till the very end. The slow build up between Lyon and Kitlene was a delight and the emotions between the two spear the readers’ heart. The reader gets drawn into the dynamics that make up this shifter world and Ms. Thomas does a masterful job in keeping the reader entertained.

UNDER A SHIFTERS MOON introduces you to the Jaguar shifters pride and there are some issues that need attending. Here Lyon and his brother are fighting over becoming the one alpha and the reader is drawn into their animosity from the beginning. Lyon is a strong character that kept me intrigued especially as he tries to not fall for Kitlene, a woman who draws him like no other ever has. A strong, feisty woman who is more than a match for this strong alpha male; Kitlene was a heroine I could relate to and her scenes with Lyon made me melt, especially as he became soft and tender with the one woman who holds his heart. With some wonderful secondary characters that kept the story flowing nicely, Ms. Thomas delivers a sensual and emotional romance that will leave you gasping.

UNDER A SHIFTERS MOON is a great story that will leave you longing for more. Ms. Thomas is a masterful storyteller who delights in creating complex characters and enthralling storylines that keep the reader entertained. If you enjoy a unique shifter story then grab UNDER A SHIFTERS MOON. It is truly one of those gems that will be read over again.


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