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ALLURING TALES: HOT HOLIDAY NIGHTS, By Vivi Anna, Sylvia Day, Delilah Devlin, Cathryn Fox, Myla Jackson, Lisa Renee Jones & Sasha White

Publisher: Avon Red
Date published: November 2008
ISBN: 978-0-06-146317-4
Erotic tales
Trade Paperback
Reviewed by Pam
Obtained from publisher

Jennifer Angel is a smart girl, one who doesn’t let a prime opportunity pass, especially when she has a chance to live out her sexual fantasies with a more than willing blind date. With a snappy wit and lively personality, she manages to be both funny and ultra-hot. As a bartender at Risque, a members-only erotic club, Jennifer has been left with fantasies which she hasn't indulged in yet. Set up on a blind date by her best friend, Cat, she Googles her unsuspecting date, then Googles herself and discovers she shares her working name with a stripper called Peaches. Dare she? After all, Jack has no idea she isn't really Peaches.

Fantasy is the name of the game with this sinfully wicked story. Can Jack make her fantasies a reality and will it be more than one night of pleasure? When the twosome becomes a threesome will the magic between them grow or wither when their secrets are revealed. PEACHES AND CREAM is a little about hope and also envy of those who have made a connection, in a kind of wistful way. The reader is taken on a visual, and delightfully different sexual experience from the characters very first meeting. This is a story filled with three people’s fantasies and a connection none had expected as their fantasies come alive.

INDECENT EXPOSURE by Delilah DevlinHarmony Wilkins has had a crush on Dalton McDonough, back when he was the hottest guy in high school. No matter what she did to catch his attention, nothing seemed to work. Harmony moved away, but now twelve years later she’s back and doing up her mother’s house. Her old bold habits don’t seem to have died. This time however, her sexual fantasy seems to be meeting with success in more ways than she’d hoped for.

INDECENT EXPOSURE deals with first love and the aftermath. Not many of us forget the high school crush, but would it really feel the same if we met up with the person again? In this story we get to see and feel what might have been. You can live the fantasy along with the story's heroine, Harmony. The vicarious thrill is satisfying in some ways, as the story digs deep and we may find, sometimes love needs us to be in the right place and at the right time to blossom.

FORBIDDEN FRUIT by Lisa Renee JonesLaura Cameron has a problem. She's always been in love with her brother's best friend, Blake Alexander. It was easier to ignore it when he was out of town, and serving with the Army. Now he’s back for good, and she's not sure she can hide the feelings any longer, no matter how much her brother might frown on the pairing. Laura and Blake have known each other for years giving them a head start on the relationship, friendship part. What they’ve never done was to consummated the attraction

FORBIDDEN FRUIT is a lovely romance, the lead characters have long loved each other but for their own reasons never admitted it. This was the most realistic tale in this anthology... Taking place over a few days, rather than just one, made it more enjoyable. There is a lot of momentum packed into a few pages, while not sacrificing the story or the relationship happening. The reader can feel the love flowing between these characters and know there will be a happy ending...

WISH UPON A STAR by Sasha WhiteMistress Sarah is a professional Dominatrix and rarely without male companionship, but the encounters are fleeting and meaningless in the grand scheme of her life. She gives the men what they need, leaving herself empty. While wishing on a falling star a six-and-a-half foot hunk arrives in front of her. Commander Nealon Graves, is not what she expected, but everything she ever wanted, promising a romance that is truly out of this world. Nealon isn't sure what his mission on earth is at first, but once he sees Sarah with her submissive client, he recognizes his soul mate immediately.

This author of BDSM romances seems to know how far to go before it destroys the fantasy. In WISH UPON A STAR, we witness a professional Dominatrix at work, along with her soul mate as he plays voyeur to one of her sessions. The beauty of this is that Nealon isn't a submissive, he simply desires a woman who can match his own strength, meeting him as an equal both in and out of the bedroom. The romantic connection between the warrior and Mistress Sarah was well done and believable, as the world of pain they come from was established. If you’re into hot sex and pain this is an ideal read.

BILLBOARD BABE by Myla JacksonA.J. finds it hard working every day with a man she's secretly fallen in love with, especially when he doesn't see her as a woman, only a co-worker. When the boss gives A.J and Daniel the task of coming up with an attention-getting campaign, she undergoes a makeover to pose for a traffic-stopping billboard, which is positioned in full view of Daniel's window. Sure she has his attention, she wears the clothes from the billboard plus a mask and experiences, a passionate night with the man of her dreams. But will one taste be enough?

After reading BILLBOARD BABE, I have to say the author writes a good contemporary romance. I liked the leading lady as she makes changes in her life instead of moping around for Daniel. A.J. does the vivacious sexpot scene well, but will years of being a wallflower make it difficult for her to break out of the plain Jane persona permanently. Lucky for her, Daniel is the kind of guy who is more than willing to meet the woman he admires and loves halfway. An interesting and enjoyable tale of an office romance.

THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC by Sylvia DayMax and Victoria mean more to each other than anything or anyone else. Max has vowed not only to protect Victoria, but also to take revenge on The Triumvirate, the trio of evil brothers who were responsible for her first master's untimely demise. They also face threats from the Council who also wish them both dead along with The Source of All Evil, a group who destroy everything good. To survive, Max and his familiar Victoria must combine their power and hope it will be enough to overcome evil.

THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC, continues the story of Max and Victoria which began in ALLURING TALES, VOLUME 1. Max has collared the beautiful familiar, Victoria and succeeded in taming the feline fatale. They have found true love in the process and are now in hiding. The odds of surviving the battle which will come soon, are definitely against Max and Victoria. They battle their foes together with the power of love on their side, as each is willing to sacrifice everything to save the other one. With a love as deep as theirs, they simply can't lose.

SILVER WATERS by Vivi AnnaSangria had a mission to transport a mysterious cargo, one that turned out to be an abused and unwilling Vance. A year after their escape from the nefarious First Lady Maxine Madison, Sangria and Vance have begun to believe they are safe in their Caribbean paradise. Their idyllic existence is shattered when Maxine's goon catches up with them and they are back in her diabolical clutches with only their wits to save them.

The author has written a fantasy tale with a difference, with an evil woman and a hunter to add fear and interest into the mix. I found SILVER WATERS was an odd title as it didn’t seem to fit this tale. The main characters find safety and some time for hot sex, but they are soon under siege again... This leads to yet more save the day rescuing by the cunning heroine Sangria. The ending was a little strange but it comes together leaving the reader wondering if there’s another adventure to come.


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