Thursday, January 14, 2010

THE TREASURE by Iris Johansen

Publisher: Bantam
Date published: Reprint, November 2009
ISBN: 978-0553571820
Historical romance
Reviewed by Valerie
Obtained by publisher

Reformed assassin Kadar Ben Arnaud helped Lady Selene Ware escape a harem where she was a slave. The sheikh who claimed her as his now forces Kadar on a quest. Selene doesn’t want to let Kadar go, so she goes along with him. They are to steal a religious relic, one that is powerful and dangerous. They find Tarek, the keeper of the relic. He has his own agenda with Kadar and Selene. The truth of the relic is more than they ever dreamed possible and it could cost them their lives. Kadar will have to go over to the dark path to save Selene. As they discover the secrets of the relic, they come closer to losing each other. As love and vengeance clash, Kadar and Selene have choices to make that could change their lives forever.

This is an interesting story. It held me captive until the last page, even though I had a few questions that the story didn’t answer for me. Nonetheless, I did look forward to picking up the book to see what would happen next. I enjoyed the relationship between Kadar and Selene, particularly their bantering. The dialogue between them is very sharp and witty. One thing I believe this story was lacking in, and that was sexual tension and more in-depth emotional love scenes. The love scenes were skimmed over and the emotional relationship between Kadar and Selene came over a bit two-dimensional. I enjoyed the secondary characters and of course, the antagonist was quite the character too. If you are looking for a light read on a winter afternoon, I could recommend this one.


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