Wednesday, January 6, 2010

FIRE SEASON Tales of the Darkside series #3 by Lex Valentine

Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Date published: July 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9824885-9-1 (electronic)
978-0982543573 (Trade Paperback)
Erotic Shapeshifters M/M
Obtained via Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

Black Dragon Holden Antaeus is satisfied with his life. He enjoys his job, the sex is plentiful with many ladies eager to sample his charms and all is right in his world until the day his brother hires Green Dragon Garret Renquist, a man who is intelligent and stirs Holden’s imagination. Just one slight problem- Holden is straight and Garret is bi-sexual. Can Holden and Garret figure out a way to have a relationship even as the mating pull forces them to be together?

FIRE SEASON is a wonderful blend of strong alpha males, scorching hot sex and stereotypes that are shattered amid the pages. This is an author who goes under the typical stereotypes and ends up with a story the reader will fall in love with. The pace is fast, the action is hot and the storyline sucks you in with each page. Lex Valentine is a wonderful storyteller who delves in the world of the Darkside and shares a story that will leave you breathless and longing for more.

Meet Holden Antaeus, a black dragon who is very happy with his life. He loves his job and frankly, never seems bereft of companionship of the ladies. When his brother hires a new executive for the family corporation, Holden finds his life and what he figures it is blown to bits with the arrival of green dragon Garret Renquist. Here is a man who stirs Holden like no other and Holden is confused as he is a straight man but his destined mate is a man. I love the way this author goes beyond the stereotypes and gets to the heart of the matter between Garret and Holden. These are two strong alpha males and when they shift into their dragons it was like pure magic. Lex Valentine captures the confusion of Holden as he tries to work his feelings out even as he feels the pull of the mating for Garret. The fact that Garret wants Holden, even with all his insecurities and such, had me smiling and rooting for these two strong men to come together even as this author keeps the sexual tension on high. Some great secondary characters help keep the story flowing smoothly and the scorching hot sex scenes enhance the story even as it stirs the reader up in the process.

FIRE SEASON is a delightful story that keeps the readers’ attention and captivates their hearts. I am looking forward to more Tales of the Darkside stories in the future. If you enjoy a gifted storyteller who has a knack of giving the reader some memorable characters, then grab FIRE SEASON and settle in for a wild ride.


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