Monday, January 25, 2010

HEALER’S FATE by Beth Caudill

Publisher Whispers Publishing
Date published October 2009
ISBN 83-1002200901
Shapeshifter romance
Obtained via: Publisher
Reviewed by Tammy

Beth Caudill’s HEALER’S FATE is a werewolf love story filled with dominance and magic.

Corliss has been in love with Liam forever. But her family’s status in the pack is poor and Liam is to be Alpha one day. So when she is told that she is to be wed to a second tier wolf, her family is pleased and Corliss is left dreading the day. Luckily for her, her intended fails to show up for the ceremony and Liam steps in to take his place.

HEALER’S FATE starts out well. The scene is set out nicely. Readers can almost feel Corliss’ distress over her impending marriage and embarrassment at being left at the altar. And when Liam shows up instead of her intended, this reader could feel Corliss’ relief and surprise.

From there, the story gets a bit bumpy and problems abound. Liam and Corliss’ biggest fear is that Liam’s parents will try to have the marriage annulled before the waiting period is over. So naturally, you would expect some problems from that front. Ironically, Liam’s parents never show up in the book at all.

At some point in the story Liam goes from Alpha-in-waiting to Alpha, no explanation given. And the threat to them comes from a wizard who is fairly easily beaten. A wolf from another pack shows up on the scene, makes a half-hearted attempt at seducing Corliss and then ends up asking for her healing help for two pups from his pack. It was almost as if the author wasn’t sure which direction she wanted to take this story and ended up going halfway in several directions. This caused the storyline to become disjointed at times and made the ending fall flat.

Perhaps if Ms. Caudill was to lengthen this story and follow all the different directions to their conclusions, this book would be a better read. Unfortunately, as it stands, Beth Caudill’s HEALER’S FATE is fated for lackluster sales without a serious rewrite.


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