Monday, January 25, 2010


Publisher Romance Unbound Publishing – free read
Date published 2009
No ISBN # Given
M/M Contemporary
Obtained via:Self-purchase
Reviewed by Dawn

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE! For Eric Moore, twenty years have passed since he felt a real connection with anyone. When a challenge is issued to the “club” he is involved in to find the one who got away; the one who made them believe in love before it was thrown away, he remembers the one man who made him fall in love with a shy smile. Eric is unsure how Chandler will react when he steps back into his life but for Eric, he is about to woo the one man he left years ago because this time, Eric is determined to woo the one man who he let slip away and show him that maybe love is worth a second chance.

FINDING CHANDLER is a story of heartbreak, redemption and love lost then found. Ms. Thompson is a wonderful storyteller who captures the nuances of her characters completely and in the first book in The Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay, she introduces the reader to a club whose members, have been burned by love and are determined to not let love into their lives again. I fell in love with the whole series within the pages of FINDING CHANDLER. Here you have older men trying to find their soul mates, the ones they let slip through their fingers for one reason or another. With a broad stroke of her pen, Ms. Thompson captures the characters completely here. Bitter about love, determined to not let it into their lives, it takes a challenge to find the “one that got away” and see if they can believe in love again. Can they do it? That is the question hanging in the beginning as Ms. Thompson delivers a heartfelt story that had me crying one minute and smiling the next as your emotions get caught up in a story that will have you rooting for these two to finally admit what they had locked in their hearts.

Meet Eric Moore, a man who threw away the one good thing in his life twenty years before for one reason or another. When issued a challenge to look up the one that got away and maybe see if those feelings were still there, he remembers the one man who brought such joy into his life-Chandler Adams. With the memories of the good times and the love that Chandler showed him back then. Eric is a wonderful character- full of hidden depths and regrets whenever he thinks of Chandler and choices he thought were right back then. I have to admit this author really got me by showing memories and how much regret Eric had over the way he treated Chandler. Chandler Adams is a man thrown in his work and content until he finds Eric in his office, waiting for him. Determined to not let the one man who broke his heart back into his life, he finds himself being wooed, until the day comes when he makes a decision that will either have him alone again or reconnecting with Eric again. Both characters keep the story flowing smoothly and some of the secondary characters are quite intriguing as well. I am hoping to see what happens to them in the future books. Eric and Chandler are perfect together and I was rooting for them to finally let the walls around their heart come down and maybe hope for a second chance. Rich with emotions, passion and regrets, FINDING CHANDLER is a story that will have you remembering your own past loves while reading Eric and Chandler’s story.

This is a short story so I don’t want to give too much away but I have to admit, Ms. Thompson delivers one of her best works in FINDING CHANDLER. I loved the way Eric found a way to tell Chandler what an ass he was and why he did the things he did back then. With each page you get lost in a story so rich in emotion, I was rooting for Chandler to let Eric back into his life, even for a moment. With the right amount of tension, regret, hope and passion playing between the pages, FINDING CHANDLER is a wonderful story that will have you believing in love all over again. I look forward to reading the other stories in this wonderful new series and give kudos to Ms. Thompson for creating something so profound it brings tears to your eyes and a smile to your heart.


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