Friday, January 8, 2010

HOT WATER Tales of the Darkside #2 by Lex Valentine

Publisher: Pink Petal Books
Date published: March 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9824885-3-9 (Electronic)
978-0982543504 (Trade Paperback)
Erotic Paranormal Romance
Obtained by Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

Black Dragon Eden Antaeus just found out by her brother that she is considered the “Queen of Kink”. Not knowing if its true or not, Eden runs out to prove him wrong and ends up with something so much more after going to the vampire club Carpe Noctem. What she finds instead is a man who just might be all that and more for Eden is about to find something even she wasn’t looking for……love.

HOT WATER is the second story in Lex Valentine’s Tales of the Darkside series and it is a very intriguing one at that. I love the way Eden and Colin meet and find that their one night of explosive sex has them intrigued with one another. Secrets, passion and destiny all play their hand in HOT WATER.

Meet Eden Antaeus, a black dragon whose brother Sean just informed her she is the “Queen of Kink”- one who doesn’t like Vanilla Sex. Eden finds she is appalled and ends up at vampire club Carpe Noctem trying to find someone to prove her brother wrong when she bumps into Colin Granville. He is a delightful male who stirs Eden like no other had and soon these two are finding that passion runs hot between them. Can Colin persuade Eden that she isn’t who her brother insists she is? Will Colin’s secret force Eden away? These two have got to be the most interesting couple I have read in a long time. Eden is spunky and not afraid to show Colin what she desires while Colin is a strong man that can teach Eden she isn’t who she thinks she is. Lex Valentine delves right in and keeps the reader glued to the pages even as some wonderful secondary characters had me laughing with their quips. I am hoping some of the secondary characters come back in future stories.

HOT WATER delivers laughter, pleasure and more as Lex Valentine delves into her Darkside world and captures the essence of Colin and Eden in its pages. If you enjoy some enthralling multi-dimensional characters, a fast paced storyline and some really hot sex, then turn into HOT WATER and get ready for the heat of the Darkside.


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