Monday, January 11, 2010

MAD AT THE MOON A Holiday Howlz Story by Belinda McBride

Publisher: Changeling Press
Publishing date: December 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60521-345-3
Paranormal/Holiday/Shifters/Multi-author series
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Merry Miller works as a letter carrier for the post office and in the holiday madness; all she wants to do is sleep the holidays away. What she gets instead is a week long singing fest by her new neighbor, Noel Harris. Noel Harris is Merry’s new neighbor and since moving to Arcada, he is a bit lonely. He wants to get to know Merry better so on Christmas Eve, he invites her to dinner. What these two get in the process is full moon surprises.

I have to say author Belinda McBride pulls the reader in her latest story, MAD AT THE MOON. I loved the characters, the sexual tension and everything about Arcada. Ms. McBride deftly weaves a spell around you as you giggle and hum along with the song selections sprinkled throughout MAD AT THE MOON. The characters come to life as you flip the pages and though this is a quick read, the simmering passion and the guessing the reader does to find out what, exactly, are Merry and Noel will keep you guessing. I think you will be pleasantly surprised in the end with the revealing of their true selves.

MAD AT THE MOON introduces the reader to the town of Arcada and to mail carrier, Merry Miller. She works straight up to Christmas Eve and in the holiday madness, all she wants to do is sleep thru the holiday. What she gets instead is her new neighbor singing, off-key no less, in the yard next to her house and even though she wants to tell him to knock it off, she can not help noticing that he is one hot guy. Noel is just a little bit lonely since moving to Arcada. He wants to get to know his new neighbor better and what better way then inviting her to dinner. What happens next is something you can only read about in MAD AT THE MOON. Both characters are exciting and a delight to read. With some intriguing scenes as well as simmering sexual tension, this author captivates you even as you are wondering what the mystery is between them. I love Merry and Noel together and they keep the tension simmering until it explodes between them. Some wonderful secondary characters keep the reader highly entertained and I was lost until the last page was read as I giggled over some wonderful scenes.
MAD AT THE MOON is a wonderful fun book that will keep you highly entertained, while reaching for your significant other to help ease the tension Noel and Merry create. Ms. McBride keeps you captivated as these two wonderful characters find their own love amid a Christmas Full Moon. I hope Ms. McBride returns to the town of Arcada and gives us some more wonderful fun filled stories there. An enjoyable treat on a cold winter’s night is MAD AT THE MOON and I highly recommend this Holiday Howlz treat.


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