Monday, January 11, 2010

NAUGHTY NIGHTS 2: COMMANDED Book 2 in series by Kate Hill

Publisher: Changeling Press
Date published: December 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60521-135-0
Science Fiction ménage/Action Adventure BDSM
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

The Planet of Shandra is male dominated and triad marriages are the norm here. When Finesse lands there, what she finds are two of the most virile and sexy men to keep her captivated for more. Security Chief, Blackstar and Rocksurf are lovers and though Rocksurf longs for a marriage between himself, Blackstar and their female mate, he never expects to have it come true in the arms of Finesse. Can Finesse and Rocksurf get around the walls Blackstar has to the heart of the one man who completes them- heart and soul?

COMMANDED is the second book in Ms. Hill’s Naughty Nights series and it picks up after Enslaved. I love this series. Hunky alpha males, feisty heroines and some scorching hot sex….what more can a reader want? I love, love, love the way Rocksurf and Blackstar interact together as well as with independent Finesse. Ms. Hill keeps the pace jumping as these three find their hearts tied together and try to work through their issues even as events happen on Shandra that has Finesse trying to decide if she should stay or go.

We met Blackstar in Enslaved and I was thrilled to see his story in COMMANDED. Ms. Hill delves into two characters that are strong, dominant and with scars from the past. Rocksurf has been love with Blackstar since the beginning of their training. Blackstar is a scarred brooding man who doesn’t give his heart lightly nor able to say the words he knows Rocksurf needs to hear. When Finesse lands in their laps, these two strong men find that one feisty earth girl will give them a run for their money even as they lose their hearts to her in the process. Finesse is a spunky heroine who is on a job and is sick of earth men. What she wants is a dominate alpha male who can make her weep in pleasure and challenge her in every other way. What she gets is two men who can keep her enthralled in and out of the bedroom. I love these three together. You have Finesse who wants to be loved, Rocksurf who just wants a traditional triad marriage and Blackstar who is scared to let anyone into his heart. I was blown away by the way these three worked together even as they worked out their issues and showed their vulnerability to one another. Add in some wonderful secondary characters and familiar faces from Enslaved and you have got some wonderful heart felt moments sprinkled within COMMANDED.

COMMANDED is a fast paced, wild ride from start to finish. I highly recommend reading Enslaved first to get an idea of the characters and events that happened in that story as it is mentioned throughout COMMANDED. If you like your heroes strong, heroines feisty and the sex scorching hot, then grab COMMANDED and be prepared for one wild ride. Ms. Hill does a great job in creating characters that resonate with the reader. I am highly anticipating the third book in this wonderful series.


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