Monday, January 18, 2010

A SMALL-TOWN REUNION by Terry McLaughlin

Publisher: Harlequin Super Romance
Publication Date: December 2009
ISBN: 9780373716050
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Penny
Obtained via publisher

Addie Sutton has not seen Devilin Chandler in years. And while she has always had feelings for him, she is not too sure she wants to see him now. But here he is, standing before her in his grandmother’s house where she has come to repair some stained glass windows that have been damaged by an earthquake.

Dev has been harboring the same tender feelings for Addie, the former housekeeper’s daughter, that she has for him. He finds himself making excuses to come to her business to see her. Just where could this impossible relationship lead?

There are elements of this tale that come out late in the story that could have been made known much earlier, and therefore made the story flow more smoothly to make the hesitation between Addie and Dev make much more sense. Ok, I get that the housekeeper’s daughter and the heir to the mansion are like night and day, living in two different worlds, but in A SMALL-TOWN REUNION I could not understand why it is that the rich are in approval of the relationship, and the poor are against it. But it all makes sense when secrets are revealed.

Still, A SMALL-TOWN REUNION is a refreshing offer from Harlequin and Terry McLaughlin. I enjoyed reading this book and it gripped my attention and held it fast. The characters intrigued me and are well written. The story flows quickly and does not have any lag. I hope to read more from this author in the future and hope that her next offer is just as good as A SMALL-TOWN REUNION.


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