Sunday, February 7, 2010

CAPTIVE OF SIN by Anna Campbell

Publisher: Avon
Date published: October 2009
ISBN: 978-0061684289
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Valerie
Obtained via publisher

Lady Charis Weston is on the run. She's a wealthy heiress and her stepbrothers have tried to beat her into submission. They want her to marry the man of their choice so they can get their hands on her inheritance. If only she can hide out for three more weeks, she will become of age and be able to get her inheritance.

Sir Gideon Trevithick stumbles upon her on his way home to Cornwall after spending a gruelling time in service to the crown. He is considered a hero in England, but Gideon harbors a dark secret. He feels he has to protect Lady Charis and after bringing her to his home, he sees the only real way to protect her is to marry her. The attraction between them is very strong, but Gideon feels he cannot be the man Charis wants. Charis wants to help Gideon and plans to seduce him. She wants him to see that they are indeed right for each other.

This is indeed a fun story. Here, Anna Campbell has masterfully given her readers two very stubborn characters who although are highly attracted to each other, refuse to acknowledge it. Ms. Campbell digs deep into the psyche of both Gideon and Charis. You will certainly take Gideon into your heart and feel for him as he battles with his past. You will get just as frustrated with him as Charis does. And Charis is also a heroine you will love. She is so right for Gideon you will wonder why she doesn't just hit him over the head. I was captivated on the first page and raced through the book to find out just how Charis gets out of the clutches of her terrible stepbrothers and how she manages to win over Gideon. Ms Campbell also involves some wonderful secondary characters that breath life into the story. This is a book I can highly recommend and I will certainly be looking out for more books by this author.


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