Tuesday, February 9, 2010

DELICIOUS Boook 3 of the Wicked Lovers series by Shayla Black

Publisher Berkley
Date published March 2010
ISBN 978-0-425-23242-2
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Trade Paperback
Obtained via:Publisher
Reviewed by Danny

Luc Traverson is a man who keeps his promises, so even when he has other plans, he dares to confront the born temptation in the persona of Alyssa Deveraux. They spent a night together not so long ago and he promised to be the guest chef for the opening of her restaurant. She is pure temptation for him, but he wants a “normal” life, which includes a wife, a baby and a house with picket fence. But when Alyssa is threatened because of her job as strip club owner, his protective instincts awaken. Is there a chance for a future together despite Luc’s plans?

I was so happy when I discovered that it was finally time for Luc’s story and I wasn’t disappointed. Luc was an intriguing character in DECADENT and I suffered with him in the book, so I was more than curious to see him get a happy end.

DELICIOUS is definitely a deliciously wicked book, which scorches up the pages and is a real pager turner. What I really liked was the combination of erotic romance and romantic suspense. The story was never predictable or boring and it kept me on the edge of my chair to see who the villain behind the threats against Alyssa was.

can be read without any problems as a stand-alone, but I can promise you that you will want to catch up on Kimber and Deke’s as well as Morgan and Jake’s stories when you meet them in Luc and Alyssa’s book.

There was one person that nearly stole the story, namely Tyler, Alyssa’s bouncer and bodyguard. He is a truly fascinating character and I really hope that he will get his own book, same goes for Kimber’s brothers. So, pretty please with cherry on top Ms. Black!

is definitely a keeper you don’t want to miss! So if you are shopping for a really good erotic romance with a generous shot of suspense throw a copy of DELICIOUS in your shopping cart.


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