Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DARK TEMPTATION by Allison Chase

Publisher Signet Eclipse/Penguin Books
Date published November 2008
ISBN 978-0-451-22552-8
Historical Paranormal Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Obtained via: Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

Sophie St. Clare is banished from court after a scandal in London and sent to Cornwall. Strange lights, mysterious ships and more haunt the village Penhollow and Sophie is determined to find out what the heck is going on. When she enlists the help of nobleman, Chad Rutherford, the Earl of Wycliffe, she finds more than she ever bargains, for she cannot resist his passionate kisses. Will the mystery that swirls around Penhollow and Blackheath Moor keep their secrets or will Sophie and Chad find a way to destroy the evil that plagues the area so they can have a future together?

DARK TEMPTATION is the second book in this new historical paranormal series and I loved every minute of it. With a rakish lord, a fiery heroine and mystery that swirl around them, I was drawn into this author’s web and was unable to let go until the last page was read. Full of intriguing characters, fast paced storyline and simmering tension, DARK TEMPTATION keeps the reader glued to the pages as this author draws you deeper in to the world of Blackheath Moor.

Meet Sophie St. Clair, a woman who finds herself banished to Cornwall after a provoking scandal has her banished from London. When she spies mysterious lights and hears the rumors of ghost ships, she is intrigued to find out what is going on in Penhollow and Blackheath Moor. Wow, this was no shrinking violet. Ms. Chase definitely delivers one spunky heroine who made me smile at times with her actions and add in one sexy Lord and stir. What you get is a pair of characters that race into your heart and never let go. Chad Rutherford is a hero who made me swoon when he walked across the pages of DARK TEMPTATION. Sophie intrigues him and together they find much more than they ever imagined. Some wonderful secondary characters kept the story flowing smoothly and I am eager to see if they show up in the other books in the series.

In all, DARK TEMPTATION is one of those rare books that keeps you entertained from start to finish. With some multi-dimensional characters, mysteries and simmering sexual tension, Ms. Chase delivers a high octane ride till the very end. If you enjoy a well-written historical romance with a dash of paranormal, then grab DARK TEMPTATION. I am eager to check out the other books in the series and see what happens next in Blackheath Moor. Run, don’t walk, to grab this wonderful new author and settle in for an enjoyable journey.


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