Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HIS WOLF HEART by Lila Dubois

Publisher: Amber Quill Allure
Date published: January 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60272-629-1
M/M Paranormal/Shifter
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained via Publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Micah never expected to see James, the golden boy of the Farrant Wolf Pack again, especially after ten years had passed. James left for a reason he didn’t tell anyone ten years before and now back among family and at a crossroads, James has to find himself before he can move on with his life. A long ago kiss haunts both men and with Micah’s help, James will finally be able to see the way to heal both his heart and his wolf. Can these two find the way to enjoy the passion between them as it turns into love?

HIS WOLF HEART is the first book I have read from this author and I have to say, it was very well written. I loved the way the characters interacted with each other and this author showed the reader a world of traditions, passion and acceptance that had me eager to turn the pages. I loved how this author showed me how conflicted both men are, even as they succumb to the passion & lust that simmered between them. With the right amount of romance, conflicts and passion, Ms. Dubois delivers a stirring story of two people falling for one another even as issues come up that may tear them apart. Can Micah help James heal himself and his wolf before it is too late? That is the question that is threaded between the pages of HIS WOLF HEART and Ms. Dubois does a great job in answering that.

Meet Micah, the enforcer of the Farrant Werewolf pack. It has been ten years since the golden boy, James left and in that time Micah has found himself more comfortable in his life and though, that long ago kiss had him desiring James, he pushed it aside to become what he is today-a member of a pack that he calls family. When James comes home, life as Micah knows it changes in a blink of an eye for James is still handsome as ever and he desires him more than ever. A chance meeting at a club has these two locked in arms and the passion that they thought was gone comes back full force. Can these two strong men find a way to be together even as James struggles to find his place amid the werewolf clans and in life? Man, these two were so combustible, I was afraid the computer would blow up. The author delves into these two characters’ souls and shows the reader flawed men who dealt with their pasts in different ways. I loved the fact they were so flawed. It gave them a more well-rounded appeal to me and had me rooting for them to finally give into the desires that simmered underneath it all. I really enjoyed the family dynamics as James tried to find his place among them. There were some secondary characters that I want to know more of. The sex was scorching hot at times and unbelievably tender as well. Ms. Dubois delivers a wonderful balance that had me flipping the pages to see what would happen next.

HIS WOLF HEART introduces a world of werewolves, pack laws and more to the reader. I found the characters to be exceptionally well written and I am hoping the author returns to the Farrant Pack for more stories in the future. If you enjoy a wonderful werewolf story that has intriguing characters, fast paced storyline and a romance so tender, it brings tears to your eyes, then run to read HIS WOLF HEART and settle in for one wild ride. I look forward to more books from this “new to me” author in the future.


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