Wednesday, February 24, 2010

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Welcome to A Stone’s Throw…

…where you’re only a stone’s throw away from obtaining your heart’s desire.
That’s what one hears when he or she walks into the quaint little boutique called A Stone’s Throw located in Las Vegas. The eclectic shop, featuring items from crystals to scarves, is run by psychic and sanguine vampires. Yep, that’s right. Vampires. And when the proprietor, Miss Q, disappears, her nephews step in to run the place. Based off a store that used to be in my area, the ‘A Stone’s Throw’ stories can be found in three anthologies offered by Extasy Books.
You can meet Edom and Addi, the sanguine vampires, in the anthology Sanguinary Seductions. Blurb: At a boutique Addi runs into an old flame and gets more than she bargained for. Will she be able to hide from her past?
You can meet Emma and Joe, the psychic vampires, in the anthology Emerald Envisage. Blurb: Her friend gone, her grief strong, Emma enters a boutique to find comfort and gets a deal of a lifetime.
In the third installment of the ‘A Stone’s Throw’ stories, found in the recently released anthology Café Nowhere, you can find out what really happened to Miss Rachel Quigly. Blurb: Gifts from strangers can be life altering. When Miss Q, proprietor of A Stone’s Throw, accepts a gift from a charming stranger, the bauble transports her to an alternate reality. Will she be able to make it back home or will the trinket have changed her life forever?

Excerpt for A Stone’s Throw: Miss Q
Blood rushed to her face, heating her cheeks. She was even blushing like a schoolgirl now. A deep sexual stirring swirled in her midsection. Yes, perhaps we should enjoy our youth this second time around.
The music beat faster, drummed and strummed in a sensual rhythm. Captors and captives joined in carnal fashions, some in pairs, most in groups of three to five. Moonlight snuck through the cloud cover and shone on some of the bodies. In the silvery light, backs of the warriors appeared animalistic, furry. Faces morphed into wolf like snouts.
"Oh my. Did you see that?"
"Yes," he replied, sounding like he was in awe. "Fascinating. I'm gobsmacked."
"Fascinating? Are you crazy?" She gazed at his face, his expression animated. "If they're werewolves, we might be dinner."

Two special treats to look for in Café Nowhere ~ The mention of my story Dirty Little Secret within another author’s story and Café Nowhere’s Menu at the end of the book. The authors contributed some of their favorite recipes to share with their readers! Yum!
All anthologies are available at and excerpts/info for the ‘A Stone’s Throw’ stories can be found at:
And be on the look out for the mention of Miss Q in a future ‘Dirty Little’ story.
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C.R. Moss
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Love Romances and More Reviews said...

Megan Rose in Ghost of a Chance read one of your books, which one was it?

C.R. Moss said...

She read Dirty Little Secret.