Friday, February 19, 2010

THE LAST STALLION by Christine DePetrillo

Publisher: Whispers Publishing
Date published: February 2009
ISBN: Not Assigned
Genre: Erotica/Romance/Erotic Romance
Format: eBook
Reviewed by Belinda
Obtained via publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! I enjoyed reading THE LAST STALLION it was a very good book that I will put on my shelf to read again. It is a short story with a very good plot. The author Christine has a couple surprises for her readers, and I love that she hints at them but doesn’t revel them until the end of the book. It kept me guessing and made me want to skip ahead and see if I had guessed correctly at the secret that Blake was keeping.

Dr. Cassie Stone, veterinarian to large animals has decided to stop dating cowboys. They are bad news and she’s tired of having her heart broken. To help her get over her latest heart break she decides to go visit her sister in New York. Her sister Melany and Mel’s fiancĂ© Kevin decide to take Cassie out dancing at a club to help her forget about her ex. I had to laugh at the differences between the two sisters as Cassie is a country girl vet and her sister Mel is a city girl fashion plate. Their interaction when they were getting ready to go club hopping was really interesting. It’s always fun to watch or read about the interaction between two people that are the complete opposite of each other, and this book did a great job.

Blake is in New York with his horses to do a photo shot, and stops at a club for a drink. He sees Cassie at the edge of the dance floor and can’t take his eyes off her. He goes over to meet her and everything seems to be going fine until he gets close enough for Cassie to smell, then all hell breaks loose as she realizes he’s a cowboy. Blake had no idea what was going on and Cassie didn’t explain she just kept up her tirade about Blake being a cowboy. This part of the story cracked me up as Christine the author portrayed this perfect. It was the classic man has no clue what is going on scenario.

When Cassie and Blake next meet they talk and Blake tells her what he’s doing there and about his horses. When she expresses her concern for his horses, he offers to introduce her to them. This is the first hint you get of what Blake’s secret might be but the author just hints at it here she doesn’t really tell you. From here on out things between Cassie and Blake heat up pretty quickly, but Blake has yet to tell Cassie about his secret. Then something happens and his secret is exposed and we get to see how Cassie deals with it. Christine even has a couple of lessons for her characters. Cassie learns you can’t run from your problems no matter where you go and Blake learns you can’t always hide your secrets but sometimes it doesn’t matter. The old saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover applies here but it should be you can’t judge a man by his smell. Cassie may not admit it but it applies to Blake in this book.



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