Thursday, February 11, 2010


Publisher Romance Unbound Publishing Date published January 2010 ISBN 9781615081769 Contemporary M/M/Light BDSM E-book Obtained via: Author Reviewed by Dawn CLICK TO PURCHASE!For Jack Harris, love was for losers and he didn’t need it or so he told himself until he found, unexpectedly, the one person to show him how sweet love can be. Forced to accept an old mentor’s cure, he never expects to find the one person in front of him, who stirs his desires to a fever pitch. Marcus Savakis was doing a favor for an old friend and finds himself stunned to see Jack on his knees waiting for him. Can these two strong people find a way to bridge the gulf and learn what it is between them? SWITCHING GEARS is a wonderful tale about two very strong men who had their hearts broken long ago. Closed off and determined to not love again, both Jack and Marcus drive each other nuts with taunts and snarky comments all the while desire hums between them not recognized. Ms. Claire brings together these two characters with so much suppressed desires that I was afraid the computer screen would blow up. We met Jack and Marcus in the previous two Pelham books (Finding Chandler and A Test of Love) and I am thrilled to see these two strong heroes connect. The sexual tension strummed between them with abandon and the sex scenes enhanced the storyline instead of taking away from it. Ms. Thompson delves into their pasts and shows the scars left behind from relationships gone wrong and with a little BDSM thrown in to enhance their desires, this author completely captivates her readers. Meet Jack Harris, a tattooed auto mechanic who has always thought Marcus Savokis was a jerk since he first met him. A “love ‘em & leave ‘em” type, Jack is a wonderful alpha male who is not into D/s or so he thinks. With the advice from a cherished mentor, he finds his inner turmoil is soothed by the one man he thought he hated- Marcus. Oh gods, this was a man I was lusting for since the first book. A strong, alpha male, Jack is a character you can instantly picture in your mind and drool over. He had issues that caused him to shy away from love, relationships and closed himself off in a way that had him erupting in anger that wasn’t soothed by sex alone. Marcus is a Dom who knows how to bring his subs to that one place to feel pleasure and to show Jack, once and for all, that what is between them is something so much more. With some wonderful scenes, Marcus and Jack find something so powerful it brings tears to your eyes. Two strong men who find the softness of love had me sighing in pleasure even as the sexual tension strummed the pages. Ms. Thompson cleverly keeps the readers on their toes with some wonderful secondary characters that move the story along nicely and leaves you eager for more once the last page is read. SWITCHING GEARS is a story not of just romance but of acceptance as well. Ms. Thompson shows a side of both characters that leaves you smiling afterwards and eager for more. If you enjoy a little different romance with two very strong alpha males, then grab SWITCHING GEARS. Just be warned this is truly a hot story that will have you ravishing your significant other afterwards. Ms. Thompson is one author who never disappoints her readers and I look forward to more Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay stories in the future. This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this

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