Thursday, February 18, 2010

WARY WERE by Celia Kyle

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Date published: 2010
ISBN: 978-1-59578-658-6
Werewolves/Molten Silver/Strange Hollow/adult M/M
Reviewed by Belinda
Obtained via publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Christian is a were mix, part cat, part wolf that runs into trouble right at the beginning. Trying for a new start he moves to Strange Hollow where anyone different is welcome. He meets an alpha wolf name Jarek and his partner, a lab named Ethan, who becomes his landlords. Due to the trouble Christian had gotten into he is nervous around the alpha wolf Jarek but Ethan seems fun enough. Can Jarek and Ethan convince Christian he should loosen up and play with them? Will his troubles come back to get him? Can Christian start over and find what he wants or will he be haunted by his past forever? This book contains graphic M/M sex scenes.

I found WARY WERE to be extremely funny. This is a short book or story about 47 pages. Yes the prologue starts out with Christian getting into trouble of the worst kind, but the book overall is funny. I couldn’t stop reading it and it made me laugh throughout 95% of it. The antics of Ethan are hilarious especially if you think of them from a puppy aspect which is the lab part of him.

There are a few dark places in WARY WERE when the trouble Christian thinks he ran from comes back to haunt him. Yes, you will even find out what happened as it doesn’t tell you the details at the beginning. However, that didn’t stop me from enjoying this book, it just helped me understand Christian’s wary attitude toward the alpha wolf Jarek.

WARY WERE is a book I will put on my book shelf to read again. I think it will be in a section titled “when you need a laugh” because I enjoyed it so much. But, please be advised this isn’t a book for children due to the explicit sex scenes throughout this book. Celia Kyle, the author did a great job of balancing the humorous antics of the characters and the sex scenes so that you enjoyed it no matter where you were at in the book. Way to go Celia, I’m going to have to get more of your books now.


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