Monday, March 8, 2010

BLUE SKYE by Vicki Lyn

Date published May 29th, 2009
ISBN 978-1-60168-218-5
M/M (GBLT) Contemporary
Obtained via:Self-purchase
Reviewed by Dawn

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Skye Taylor and Drew Adams were best friends until one passion filled night in high school changed everything. Now years later, Skye is an openly gay artist who lives for his art and Drew is content with his work and his loveless marriage. His secret desires locked tight inside him until the one man who knew him so well, comes back to town and turns his life upside down…with just one touch. Can Drew and Skye find the way back to one another before it is too late?

BLUE SKYE is an entertaining story of two people who are opposite of one another yet compliment each other. Ms. Lyn does a great job in capturing each characters vulnerabilities and desires within BLUE SKYE. I really enjoyed the way Skye kept pushing Drew to acknowledge his feelings for him and I felt for the man when it didn’t turn out like he wanted all hearts and roses. Viki Lyn is a new to me author and I wasn’t disappointed in BLUE SKYE. Tight writing, a fast paced storyline and some interesting secondary characters keep the story flowing smoothly.

Meet Skye Taylor and Drew Adams, two best friends since high school. Skye always knew he was gay and was comfortable in his own skin. Drew came from a prosperous family and was uncomfortable on his feelings for Skye…until one night changes everything in their lives. Skye leaves Drew and his hometown and Drew goes onto to fulfill his father’s desires and marries someone he doesn’t love. Both of these characters are interesting. You have charismatic Skye, who loves life and is openly proud he is gay and there is Drew, determined to do the right thing for his family even if it destroys him in the end. The complete opposite of one another and they work in BLUE SKYE very well. Ms. Lyn delves into how Drew and Skye’s relationship irrevocably changed that one night years before and it makes the story intriguing especially as these two people try to find the way back to friendship and eventually love. I really enjoyed some of the secondary characters as they brought a smile to my lips with their banter and kept the story flowing nicely. The only problem I had was that it ended too abruptly for me. I wanted to see how Skye and Drew worked their problems and issues out more as well as see what the future held for them. Maybe this author will return to Drew & Skye’s world again for a sequel.

BLUE SKYE is a nice, well told story that will keep you smiling even after the story is done. Ms. Lyn does a great job in getting into the hearts of her characters and I look forward to more stories in the future from her. If you enjoy a story that will keep you entertained from start to finish, then grab BLUE SKYE.


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