Thursday, March 11, 2010


Samhain Publishing
March 9th, 2010
Sci Fi/Futuristic Romance
Obtained by Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Melissa “Lucky” Chance, the flash-freeze she endures in Ganymede’s prison leaves her hot and horny instead of destroying her will like it is supposed to. Facing a death sentence, she needs to escape and her only chance is with a man named “The Butcher”. John Ramius is ok with being a mass serial killer. He is under a curse to sense someone’s deepest need and when these two meet, all hell breaks loose. On the run from the Jovian Colonies forces, James and Melissa find a passion that will sear them to the soul but secrets are imploding between them. Can they find a way to destroy whoever is pulling their strings before it is too late?

BREAKING CHANCE is a wonderful fast paced story that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. I love this author’s work and BREAKING CHANCE is no exception. With some amazing multi-dimensional characters, hot passion and many twists that keep the reader flipping the pages, Ms. Knox delivers a story that will suck you in and then spit you out. I was enthralled from the first page of James and Melissa’s adventure, especially as the passion that simmers between them just about singes your fingertips. I especially enjoyed her unique hero, James. He is a man who was cursed, or blessed as the case may be, with knowing what a person’s deepest desires are and then acting on them, regardless of consequences. Melissa is a feisty heroine who needs James to escape Ganymede Prison. The passion simmers until it boils over and the reader is left hot and bothered. Word of warning- you will need a bucket of ice or your significant other to cool down after reading BREAKING CHANCE. Each time I pick up one of this author’s books, I am not disappointed and look forward to more in the future.

Ms. Knox is a masterful storyteller who gives the reader a breathtaking view into her imagination in BREAKING CHANCE. With intriguing characters, a fast paced storyline and a simmering passion that sears the pages, BREAKING CHANCE delivers a wild pulse-pounding ride from start to finish. With each book, this author just keeps getting better and better. I, for one, have added Ms. Knox on my auto buy list from now on and cannot wait for her other book in the future. If you enjoy great storytelling and characters you can relate to, and then grab any of this author’s books. You won’t be disappointed.


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