Thursday, March 11, 2010


In Death Series Book # 30
GP Putnam’s Sons/Penguin Books
February 23rd, 2010
Obtained by Library
Reviewed by Dawn

Lt. Eve Dallas is about to have the hardest case dropped into her lap in years. Bart Minnock, owner of U-Play gaming giant just was found murdered in his halo room. The question is how and why this happened. Eve is up against the world of gamers, games and science/technology and this time she will need every ounce of help she can get as she tries to stop a murderer from hitting again.

J. D. Robb’s FANTASY IN DEATH is another Eve Dallas story that will rock your socks off. From the first page to the last, I was sucked in the world of gamers, technology and vicious murder. I love this series, as this is an author who continues to get better with each In Death series book. I cannot say enough over how Ms. Robb completely captures her characters on the pages and shows the reader their inner hearts, souls and fears. Strong, tight writing, a fast paced storyline and your favorite characters with a host of wonderful secondary characters complete the picture in FANTASY IN DEATH.

In FANTASY IN DEATH, Lt. Eve Dallas is about to be introduced to the world if games, technology and murder. Called to the home of U-Play gaming giant, Bart Minnock, she finds a solo victim with injuries not consistent to where he was. Mystery surrounds his death and as she goes deeper into the world of U-Play and games, she finds herself up against a person she understands completely, a murderer. With her friends and colleagues by her side, she races to stop another murder. I love the way this author has Eve the strong one now. This time Roarke has issues keeping himself detached as he helps Eve in her investigation and it was great to see how much Eve understands him, even as she hurts when hit below the belt. JD Robb does a wonderful job in keeping the tension on high even as you flip the pages to see what would happen next. With wonderful beloved secondary characters back again, the relationships between Eve, Roarke and all of them melded into the perfect soufflé in my mind. Ms. Robb definitely delivers a story that will have you cheering the entire time while trying to figure out who did it.
FANTASY IN DEATH is a wonderful addition to the In Death series that will give you thrills, chills and more. Each time I read one of the In Death stories I am swept away and eager for more. Ms. Robb is a masterful storyteller who knows how to balance her characters and dialogue perfectly. FANTASY IN DEATH is a story that will have you eager to re-read the series from the start and I cannot wait for the next adventure of Eve, Roarke and their friends.


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