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KAYADANA & THE DRAGON PRINCE Book 4 in series, Kaydana the Sorceress by Nyki Blatchley

Publisher: Lyrical Press
Date published: March 2010
ISBN: 978-1-61650-133-4
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Reviewed by Dawn
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Kaydanna is on a mission to save a kidnapped princess together with the mercenary Tela and in the process finds the most elusive of things-Love. Can Kaydanna be able to help Princess Atto, Mercenary Tela and the dragons when they find out the truth to Atto’s kidnapping? Will she be able to handle the one emotion she never felt before?

I love this series by author Nyki Blatchley. It is highly erotic so if you don’t like graphic stories, just to be warned. This is an author who has fun with the characters and you know it once you start reading Nyki Blatchley’s books. I love the dynamics in this Kaydana book as she finds herself falling for a dragon prince and she has no idea what to do about it. It was a lovely surprise and made me eager to see how Kaydana would react to it. This author definitely delivers a fast paced storyline, a hint of mystery and some really hot, steaming sex.

In Kaydana’s latest adventure, we find her helping mercenary Tela as she races to find Princess Atto, who has been kidnapped by the dragons or so it seems. Kaydana and Tela find Atto and much more as they are drawn into a web of sinful desires and secrets, especially as the truth emerges over the Princess’s kidnapping. Can Kaydana help her two new friends even as her feelings for the Dragon Prince throw her for a loop? Intriguing characters, fast paced storyline and some wild, passionate sex scenes take center stage in the latest adventure for Kaydana. Nyki Blatchley continues Kaydana’s adventures and she finds the most elusive of feelings hitting her square in the heart-Love. Kaydana is a character you either love or hate, depending on how you feel about her. I love the way this woman lets herself enjoy life, be it with a prince, a woman or more. Dark desires haunt her and when she falls in love with a man who stirs everything primal in her, Kaydana finds herself for the first time.

KAYADANA & THE DRAGON PRINCE is a delightful new adventure for the readers who love Kayadana, the Sorceress. I do have to mention there are some scenes that may not appeal to everyone (F/F, shifter sex with a human and others). I am hoping there are more adventures in the future for Kayadana and author Nyki Blatchley. If you enjoy a steamy quick read, then grab the latest Kayadana adventure. I do recommend keeping an ice bucket or your significant other nearby because you will be hot and bothered by the last page.


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Roni said...

I haven't read any of the other books in this series, but I just finished Kaydana and the Dragon Prince. I liked the book in general, but I wished there was much more story going on with the prince, so we could get to know him a little better.