Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MAGIC TOUCH The Wizards of Venus Series book 1 by Dakota Trace

Publisher: Excessica Publishing
Date published: January 2010
ISBN: 978-1449504014 (paperback)
No ISBN # for E-book
Fantasy Erotic Romance
Obtained by Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

In the world of Venus, magic rules and this is where High prince Randall deCartwright & his two best friends, Jonathon and Grace Anne grew up. Now years later, a prophesy has thrown all three lives into chaos as the lives they thought they wanted become something so much more. Now Rand has to woo the one woman chosen to be his mate, Grace Anne, and try to get her to accept their marriage because dark forces are swirling around them and are threatening everything they hold dear. Can these three find a way to let their fears out and listen to their hearts before the darkness consumes them?

I have to mention one thing about MAGIC TOUCH- it rocks! From start to finish, this author delivers a wild, fast paced ride that leaves you screaming for more once the last page is read. Captivating and intriguing characters, mystery and hot, passionate sex scenes that leave you squirming helps keep MAGIC TOUCH on simmer until it boils over and your either jumping your significant other or shoving yourself in the freezer to cool off. Ms. Trace is a masterful storyteller, who weaves a spell around her readers and leaves them wanting more. Get ready for the MAGIC TOUCH.

Meet Randall, Jonathon and Grace Anne. Three best friends who are about to find their lives forever changed when a long ago prophesy awakens. Now ten years have past and Rand is about to find out that the mate of his soul is all grown up and stubborn beyond belief. Grace Anne found the love she hungered for slowly dying in the last ten years and now that fate-and parental authority-are forcing her to wed her best friend, Rand, she struggles not to scream in anger or fear. Her control threatened by the feelings Rand invokes inside her rallies against her desire to choose her own destiny is a kick to Rand though he is determined to make Grace succumb to his charms and seduction regardless of what she wants. Two very stubborn people determined to do the opposite and a sizzling passion that flares between them. Add in a dose of magical sentient beings and stir. You have got the makings of one wild, pulse pounding ride. I have to admit I was rooting for Grace Anne to give Rand a comeuppance from the get-go. The arrogant, alpha male who thinks he knows everything about Grace and her desires got to me and not in a good way either in the begining. More than once I wanted to slap him silly for being a pig-headed idiot especially when he got his “caveman” routine on. Eventually, he grew on me as he finally figured out Grace Anne and her heart but it definitely was a work in progress. Grace was a strong, spirited heroine who had one fear- losing control and giving into her desires with the one man she has loved for so long. Denying her feelings and trying to get out of something she knew, deep down, she could never have. This was a woman who fought against the curve ball life threw at her with everything she had and I cheered her whole-heartedly. I loved that she was no weak heroine who needed a man to rescue her. She was strong, fearless and determined…except when her desires came out in her dreams. She was feisty to Rand’s arrogance and these two were perfect for each other. Ms. Trace definitely created the perfect main couple in this wonderful first book. Add in some wonderful secondary characters that kept the story moving smoothly, hot sex and mystery…you have the makings of a perfect book.

MAGIC TOUCH is one of those stories that stay with you even as you close the last page. With each page, Ms. Trace draws the reader in and keeps them flipping the pages to see what would happen next for these two and the magic that flew between the pages sizzled. I am hoping this author doesn’t keep us waiting for the next book in this wonderful new series. I am eager to see what will happen next on the world of Venus. If you enjoy feisty heroines, strong alpha males and sizzling passion, then grab MAGIC TOUCH. Just make sure to have an ice bucket or your significant other nearby to take the edge off the heat while reading it.


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Dakota Trace said...

Thanks Dawn for the wonderful review! Not to worry there will be more of Pati & Jonathan, Rand & Gracie, not to mention Charles and Kat. The next book in this series is called Healer's Touch.