Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Publisher: Signet Eclipse
Date published: January 2010
ISBN: 978-0-451-22879-6
Regency/Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Obtained via: Publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

Brianna is the Duke of Rolthven’s new wife and though she is happy with him, she wants something more in her marriage-passion-and by god, she will get it….one lesson at a time. Colton Northfield is shocked and delighted at how passionate his young, new wife becomes in the bedroom. Soon he is lusting after her everywhere he turns and he is loving every minute of it. Brianna is determined to win his heart; can she find a way to do that before he finds out about the help she is getting in seduction before it is too late?

LESSONS FROM A SCARLET LADY is a fun, wild ride from start to finish. I loved the way Brianna found a way to seduce her husband, Colton. This was passion at its best and Ms. Wildes delivers it in her trademark style. Tight writing, a fast paced storyline and some wonderful captivating characters to keep the reader intrigued till the very end. I loved how Brianna went after Colton’s heart with gusto and turned his world upside down. With each page you get lost within the pages of LESSONS OF A SCARLET LADY and you end up rooting for Brianna to finally get her heart’s desires: her husband’s heart. I have to mention that there is a sub-plot going along that involves Brianna’s best friend and Colton’s brother that was delightful. The storyline moved smoothly between the two romances seamlessly and kept me intrigued to see what will happen next for both couples. The second romance storyline was like a two for one deal and was a hit with me.

Meet Brianna, a new wife who is enamored with her husband, Colton. Determined to win his heart and have him desire her as she desires him, she draws upon the lessons from a well known scandalous book to help her do it. Will Colton be able to forgive her if he finds out the vixen she has become is in part, helped by this? Miscommunication and distrust grow even as Colton revels in the passionate vixen she has become. Can he forgive the woman he loves before he loses her? These two are perfect together. With the right amount of passion, respect and romance, Ms. Wildes delivers a pair of characters that will resonate with the reader on every level. Some wonderful secondary characters keep the reader glued to the pages even as the action heats up and Ms. Wildes begins to draw the reader more into her web. I loved how this author shows the close friendships, romance and more all rolled up with a big red bow within the pages of LESSONS OF A SCARLET LADY.

If you enjoy a wonderful tale of two romances played out within the pages and some wonderful multi-dimensional characters, then grab LESSONS OF A SCARLET LADY and settle in for one wild ride. I highly enjoyed this latest story from Ms. Wildes and can not wait to see what the future has in store from her.


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susan said...

What a great review and the book sounds so good. I have it to get yet but it's on my list. susan L.