Friday, April 2, 2010


Publisher: Berkley
Date published: February 3rd, 2004
ISBN: 978-0-425-17363-3
Romantic Suspense/Thriller
Mass Market paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained via Publisher

New York Detective Eve Dallas was just looking for a night out with her husband, Roarke, on the opening night at the New Globe Theater. What she gets instead is murder right before her eyes. Now there are thousands of eye witnesses, actors who seem to switch personas on instinct and secrets coming out as Eve digs deeper into the world of the theater and actors. Murder is the game and it is up to Eve to find the killer.

I have to give this author a huge kudos for creating a series that revolves around two very enjoyable and relatable characters (Eve and Roarke) and all their friends/family. Each time I pick up one of the In Death series books, I am thrust into this world Ms. Robb has managed to keep fresh and alive even after many books since the first one. With tight writing, fast paced storyline, many twists and turns to keep the reader flipping the pages and more, she sets the pace for each of the In Death books. WITNESS IN DEATH is just an extension of a series that is beloved by many readers; myself included. Ms. Robb is a masterful storyteller and she always keeps the reader glued to the edge of their seats even as they laugh, cry, sigh and smolder over Eve, Roarke and all their friends.

In WITNESS IN DEATH we find Eve and her delectable husband, Roarke, out on the town, taking in the grand opening of the New Globe Theater. In a matter of minutes, Eve and many of the thousands who came to the show, witness a murder onstage right before their eyes. Now pressured to wrap the case, Eve walks into a world where she has no idea what she is getting herself into even as she tries to keep herself from reacting to the many dirty secrets that come out in the process.

Eve is a woman you can relate to. Vulnerable, strong, feisty and loved by her husband and friends, this is a person you want to be on your side and not chasing you down. The perfect foil to Eve is Roarke, her very yummy Irish husband. These two mesh so well together; you wish they were actually real and your best friends. Ms. Robb completely captures in each of the In Death books, the connection that binds two hearts and souls, as well as, the vulnerability they both feel for one another. It is all about connections for the characters and the reader is drawn into their world as each finds something that matters, be it Roarke & Eve or one of the secondary characters. The secondary characters are wonderful and the sub-plot lines continue even as you get sucked into the main one. Some light-hearted moments are sprinkled within the pages to keep the book balanced with the darker tones.

is another brilliant addition to a series that just keeps getting better with each book. Strong, multi-dimensional characters, a fast moving storyline and a hint of romance leaves the reader with a satisfied smile even as they race to grab the next book in the series. If you haven’t read any of the In Death series books, you don’t know what you are missing. I highly recommend you grabbing any of the books in the series and settling in for one wild ride. This is definitely a series you can read over and over again. I am highly anticipating the next in this series and hope it isn’t too far in the future.


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