Friday, March 26, 2010

MONA LISA DARKENING A Novel of the Monere/Children of the Moon series book 4 by Sunny

Publisher: Berkley
Date published: January 2009
ISBN: 978-0-425-22647-6
Dark Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Novel
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Mona Lisa will have to face something more sinister than she ever imagined when she finds herself thrust in NetherHell-a realm ruled by demons. Evil arises and Mona Lisa will have to choose her destiny before it is chosen for her in order to escape this cursed place. Add in warlords, evil queens and more, Mona Lisa has more than just escape to deal with, she has to deal with her internal struggles as well.

MONA LISA DARKENING is the fourth book in the Children of the Moon series and I confess the first book I read. I did enjoy the way Sunny writes. Lyrical with a fast paced storyline that will keep you entertained if you read the first three books first. I found Mona Lisa to be a strong heroine in here and I enjoyed how she interacted with her first love, Halcyon and her friends. It was intriguing to see how the emotions that flew in the pages for each character. This author is a talented storyteller and definitely delivers a fast paced ride from start to finish.

Meet Mona Lisa, the mixed blood queen of the Monere. Once a month her people gather as she draws down the strength of the white light from the moon, except this Vernal equinox, something drastically goes wrong and Mona Lisa is thrust in the lower part of hell called the NetherHell. A strong female heroine and emotions spin out of control as Mona finds herself dealing not just with NetherHell but her internal struggles as well. I liked how feisty Mona Lisa is as she tries to deal with so many changes while fighting to escape NetherHell. It made me root for her to get her happily ever after. With some interesting characters in NetherHell and beyond to keep your interest, this author delivers a character driven story that will leave you gasping.

MONA LISA DARKENING is best read in order to understand the entire story so far (MONA LISA CRAVING, MONA LISA BLOSSOMING & MONA LISA AWAKENING). If you enjoy Laurrell K. Hamilton or Anne Bishop, then you will enjoy the Children of the Moon series. I look forward to reading the first three books of Mona Lisa’s adventures and hope there is more Children of the Moon books in the future.


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