Thursday, March 18, 2010

ORIGINAL SIN Book 1 in Seven Deadly Sins Series by Allison Brennan

Publisher: Bantam/Del Ray
Date published: January 2010
ISBN: 978-0-345-51167-6
Dark Paranormal Romance/Mystery/Suspense
Mass Market Paperback
Obtained by Library
Reviewed by Dawn

Moira O’Donnell has been on the run from her mother and coven for years. Haunted by a past that eclipses death and pain, she finds her calling in trying to destroy Fiona’s plans and in trying to save the world before Fiona kills her. Aided by Rafe Cooper, a man with unexplained powers and the soul survivor of a slaughter of his monastery, Rafe is trying to figure it all out when he comes to the aid of Moira- a woman as untamed as she is beautiful-and deadly as well. Fiona is determined to bring the Seven Deadly Sins to earth and she will do anything within her black magic to accomplish it, even destroy her daughter Moira and the world. Can Moira, Rafe and the St. Michael’s Monastery priests/warriors beat Fiona and her coven before everything as they know it is destroyed?

ORIGINAL SIN is a fast paced, thriller with a dark paranormal vibe through it. I have never read anything by this author and found the introduction to her new series, The Seven Deadly Sins, to be engrossing and intriguing. With a fast paced storyline, multi-dimensional characters and many twists to keep you guessing, ORIGINAL SIN is a story that will leave you gasping for more at the very end.

Meet Moira O’Donnell, a woman who has been on the run for years, trying to stay off the radar of her mother, Sorceress Fiona, a black magic witch.
Finding the order of St. Michael’s gives her purpose and the power to go after Fiona, even as it means she may die to stop her. Vulnerable, powerful and filled with guilt over her past, Moira is a character readers can relate to and root for from the beginning. I loved how she tried to do it all by herself and then reluctantly asked or accepted help from her friends/allies. I loved the way she interacted with some of the other characters, especially Rafe Cooper and Anthony, a demonologist for the Order. The sparks fly and suspense mounts as Moira tries to figure out her visions, stay ahead of Fiona and her henchmen/coven and stay alive all before the wrath of the Seven Deadly Sins are released. Will she be able to do all she has to before it is too late?

With some wonderful secondary characters to keep the story flowing smoothly, ORIGINAL SIN, delves into the world of sin and religion with gusto. I have to give this author credit for ORIGINAL SIN. It is a remarkable story that left me eager for more. Her story does start out slow as it introduces all the players but speeds up until you are flipping pages to see what happens next. ORIGINAL SIN is a well written story that introduces you to a world of demons, magic and religion. I highly enjoyed the first book of the Seven Deadly Sins series and look forward to the next book out in June, Carnal Sins. If you are looking for something a bit different to read, then pick up ORIGINAL SIN. It is a page turner from start to finish.


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