Wednesday, March 17, 2010

THE PATH TO FREEDOM Book 1: Task Force 125 Series by Lisa Pietsch

PPublisher: Sapphire Blue Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-934657-06-5
Date published: September 2008
Contemporary Action/Adventure
Obtained via: author
Reviewed by T. Barringer

Lisa Pietsch’s THE PATH TO FREEDOM is filled with action, attitude and adventure.

When she loses her military career and her boyfriend because she is overweight, Sarah Stevens enrolls at a military fat farm where she eventually is offered a position on a CIA inter-agency, anti-terrorism task force. Now she is a sexy, well-trained agent whose mission is to stop the financiers of terrorism through any means necessary.

This reader always enjoys a little military action/adventure, so this book was immediately picked up. The story starts out with a little back story action that sets up the rest of the book and gives readers a peak into some of the characters that show up later in the story. It then quickly moves on to introduce our heroine, a strong woman whose weight has gotten the better of her and forced her to re-examine her life and goals. Pleased to get the opportunity to lose some unwanted weight and get back in shape while deciding what to do with the rest of her life; she throws herself into the program. The storyline then does start to drag as it spends way too much time on Sarah’s transformation into a well-trained femme fatale. Thankfully, the pace picks up once Sarah joins Task Force 125 and gets her first mission.

Her mission, posing as a charismatic drug king pin’s girlfriend in order to get the goods on him for her team is believable and you can almost feel the adrenaline speeding through Sarah’s veins as she takes one risk after another in her efforts to prove herself to her team. The men on her team are all extremely well-trained and make a cohesive team that does a very good job of providing Sarah back-up both on the mission and in the storyline. It is easy to see how each strong, sexy alpha team member could easily carry their own stories in upcoming books in this series. And this reader definitely looks forward to each one of them.

Other than the slow set up to the action portion of the story, the only real stumbling block that this reader had was the somewhat cold way that Sarah takes on her forced seduction of the drug lord and his eventual demise. Her frosty demeanor made it difficult to really feel any kind of connection to her. On the other hand, the fact that she almost but doesn’t actually enter into a physical relationship with her romantic lead, for this reader, really made the story. Of course, there are going to be many readers who will be disappointed with that lack of heat in the story, but for this reader, this twist was the exact point where this reader decided that any future stories were to be placed at the top of my “must purchase” list. Kudos to Pietsch for not taking the easy and expected road of steamy sex scenes followed by the story’s couple living happily ever after, simply to sell a few more books. This reader really enjoys it when a book doesn’t end as expected.

Lisa Pietsch and her Task Force 125 series are sure to be big sellers. For all fans of military action and adventure stories with just a teasing amount of heat to their story are sure to find THE PATH TO FREEDOM a great introduction to what appears to be a terrific series.


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Lisa Pietsch said...

Thank you so much for reviewing my book. I'm glad you enjoyed it. The second story in the Task Force 125 series, A Taste of Liberty, was released last week. I hope you'll consider reviewing that one as well.