Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Publisher Romance Unbound Publishing
Date published March 2nd, 2010
ISBN none given
M/M Contemporary
Obtained via: Author
Reviewed by Dawn

Dennis Rutherford fell in love with his partner, Gordon Flanders, years ago but never said anything to him. Agreeing that love affairs on the job don’t mix, Dennis has watched as Gordon has mooned over newest “It Boy” Ben Ryder and keeps quiet on his feelings for him. One night they get a call that will change both lives forever. Will Dennis be able to let Gordon know how he feels for him even as Gordon finds the man he once knew is so very different in the flesh? Can Gordon see the man in front of him who has been his rock through thick and thin even as his heart breaks over a dream?

STARDUST is the fourth book in the Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay series and this one was a bit different to my eyes. One it centered on two co-workers and friends, Dennis and Gordon, and it didn’t have the other Knights involved in the story, which disappointed me a little. I have a soft spot for the Knights and even though they didn’t show up here as much as the previous books, they were mentioned by main characters, Dennis and Gordon. Ms. Thompson is a masterful storyteller who delves into the heart of her characters and STARDUST is no exception. It has some wonderfully funny secondary characters, heartfelt emotions and some passionate sex all mixed in to make a satisfying story to while the afternoon away. This is truly an author to grab as you get transported to within her stories.

Meet Gordon Flanders, a man who informed his EMT partner, Dennis Rutherford, that mixing business with pleasure is wrong. So Dennis has loved Gordon silently, too shy to give voice to his feelings for the other man yet trying to be the best friend Gordon has in the process. When they get a call one night, Gordon finds his high school crush, Ben Ryder, now Hollywood’s “It” Boy, in need of help. With STARDUST in his eyes, Gordon finds that the truth is always not the same as the dreams and hopes he has for Ben. Heart broken, it is up to good friend Dennis to show him that the one man he needs has been in front of him all along. Gordon is part of the Knights club and even though the club wasn’t as center of STARDUST, it still was nice to see the mentions sprinkled throughout it. Dennis and Gordon took a bit to warm up to me but by midway of the story, I was hoping Gordon would see what a great guy Dennis was. The secondary characters were a hoot especially as Gordon finally saw Ben the way Dennis did. I won’t spoil the surprises but I was laughing hysterically at how this man needed this, that and everything under the sun to be “normal”. I was rooting for Dennis and Gordon to see what their hearts told them even as they dealt with a spoiled Hollywood star and other issues.

is a satisfying story that will tickle your funny bone and sooth your heart with the tenderness between Dennis and Gordon in the end. Ms. Thompson has a gift into getting into the hearts of her characters and transforms them on paper to her readers. In STARDUST, she delivers two people who steal the readers’ heart and has them falling in love with them. I am really enjoying the Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay Series and look forward to more stories in the future. Ms. Thompson is an author that should be on your auto buy list as she creates stories that continue to linger in your hearts and mind long after the last page is read.


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