Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TO SIN WITH A SCOUNDREL Circle of Sin Trilogy book one by Cara Elliott

Publisher: Forever
Publication Date: March 2010
ISBN: 978-0446541299
Regency Romance
Obtained via: Publisher
Reviewed by Penny

Rumors abound that Lady Ciara Sheffield is a witch and that she poisoned her late husband. But her scientific mind is known by many therefore, she is just who the Earl of Hadley needs to help him with a quest. Thus they come to a bargain. She needs a man of society as her fiancĂ© in order to save herself from being charged with the murder of her dead spouse. And even though Hadley’s name appears in the paper just as much as her own for one scandal or another, he should do the trick. In return for agreeing to this little charade, Hadley will get a mysterious manuscript deciphered. But upon getting what they want, will they get something more as well?

Oh, you never know if these two will get more than they bargained for! These two had chemistry from the very beginning and I enjoyed how they interacted with one another flawlessly. I adored Ciara. She is an unconventional woman for her time. And unfortunately, this gave her enemies, the family of her late husband, an abundance of ammunition against her. But I am always one to root for the underdog, especially if she is a headstrong and determined lady.
And one can’t help but fall for the Earl of Hadley. He is such a rogue, but a handsome and charming one. That must be why, despite his escapades, he is still welcome among high society. He won me over as well. These characters are fantastically written and were very entertaining.

I thought the storyline was brilliant and well executed. The story gripped my attention and did not let go for one moment. I believe that author Cara Elliott has penned herself a complete winner with TO SIN WITH A SCOUNDREL. I cannot wait to read book two, To Surrender To A Rogue and book three To Tempt A Rake. These are the stories of secondary characters and friends of Ciara’s. If they are anything like TO SIN WITH A SCOUNDREL they will be on my “sure to not miss” list!


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