Monday, March 15, 2010

DARKSCAPE: REBEL LORD Book 1 in Darkscape Series by R. Garland Gray

Publisher: Medallion Press
Date published: December 2008
ISBN: 978-1933836485
Science Fiction/Futuristic Romance
Obtained by publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

Lord Lachlan de Douglas has only known war while growing up as heir to the clan of Ancient Earth. Now he finds himself on the brink of either peace or death for his people. Lieutenant Kimberly Kinsale is a diplomat’s daughter and an elite combat pilot. She finds her life on a threshold- follow orders no matter what she believes in or follow her conscious and switch sides in the everlasting war between clans. With time running out, Lachlan and Kimberly race to save all that they love even as they find themselves falling in love. Can they survive to see a future together after the madman who wants to annialate Clan Douglas destroys more than they ever knew?

is in one word: AWESOME! With action, adventure, romance and mystery, Ms. Gray delivers all this and more within the pages of REBEL LORD. I have loved this author’s stories since the beginning and this is no exception. The reader is taken on a journey that will hit every emotion-laughter, sadness, passion and more. Ms. Gray is a talented author who brings to her stories, complex characters, a rich storyline full of action and a romance that will sear the heart. Get ready for DARKSCAPE: REBEL LORD.

Meet Lord Lachlan de Douglas, a descendant of the Clan Douglas from Ancient Earth. All he has known is war and determined to make peace; he finds his life utterly changed in an instant with just one decision. It also has him meeting Kimberly Kinsale again though both have no idea why the other seems so familiar to one another. Secrets explode even as passion unfolds between the two and a madman is bent on destroying all that Lachlan holds dear-even Kimberly herself. Can Lachlan find a way to stop Rama before he loses everything, including his life? Lachlan is a man who you want on your side regardless. Strong, alpha male, he also has vulnerability when he falls for Kimberly, which will either destroy him or bring him more than he ever imagined. Ms. Gray creates the prefect foil to Lachlan in Kimberly. A feisty heroine, she is a woman who knows what she is doing (changing clans and not following orders, etc) and when she falls for Lachlan, she finds herself thrown into the fire when she becomes the target of Rama’s madness. Ms. Gray always has interesting and multi-dimensional characters and this was no exception. With some really good secondary characters keeping the storyline flowing smoothly, this author weaves her spell around you with just one touch. This is an author who shows the vulnerabilities of her characters and delves deeper yet to show the reader their souls.

Ms. Gray is a talented author who can keep the reader’s attention until the very end with her rich characters and fast paced stories. With the right amount of action, mystery and sprinkled with a bit of romance, Ms. Gray delivers a wonderful introduction to a place where I am eager to go for more. The ending is climatic, leaving you breathless and eager to see the next chapter. I look forward to the next part of this wonderful series, Redemption. Run; don’t walk, to grab this wonderful addition to any library. If you enjoy a fast paced Science fiction/futuristic that will captivate you, then you better grab REBEL LORD. I highly recommend this book and others by Ms. Gray for your reading pleasure.


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