Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Date published: August 2009
ISBN: 978-1416589129
Thriller, Action Adventure
Reviewed by Gina
Obtained via: Library

Moving on, or at least away from his ill-fated romance and ultimate betrayal of Sister Serena Serghetti, Conrad Yeats continues his quest to find answer to his own history. His latest journey takes him below the ocean and a sunken Nazi submarine. Before he can surface with his sought after treasure, he is attacked and left for dead. With more lives than a cat, Conrad not only survives the underwater attack, he rises to the surface with something far more valuable than treasure. He finds the Atlantean device that burned even water. With his discovery, the race is oe. With Conrad on the side of freedom and the human race and the Alliance on the side of world domination the prize of the liquid fire takes him on a collision course with Serena.

It took only moments after Cardinal Tucci's death in THE ATLANTIS PROPHECY for Serena to don the mantle of the head of the Catholic church's most clandestine of societies. Never before has a woman ascended to this stature and while revered because she bears a special medallion, she is scorned simply because she is a woman. With only days to bring together the mysterious globes readers learned of in THE ATLANTIS PROPHECY and the mysterious device Conrad and Serena must put their feelings towards each other aside and put the security of the world as we know it before them. Adding to the problem of people trying to kill them is the fact that those feelings aren't quite love and affection. No, with her last betrayal just the thought of Serena has Conrad seething with anger.

Thomas Greanias is his own tough act to follow. With its intriguing story line and non-stop action I was hooked from the first page. While THE ATLANTIS REVELATION was a good read I missed the roller coaster feelings I felt in the second book of this series. I finished THE ATLANTIS PROPHECY this afternoon at lunch and ten hours later I am still trying to catch my breath. Thomas Greanias doesn't give his readers a moment to sit back and relax in THE ATLANTIS PROPHECY, the second book in Greanias' Atlantic series. This one I was able to put down so I could sleep, but not for long. I'm not sure if Serena doesn't come across conflicted because of her own firm beliefs, or if it simply isn't conveyed in the telling. Despite her own dedication to her beliefs and causes, she doesn't come across as a sympathetic character or someone I personally would like to know.

Conrad, however, is interesting to me. In RAISING ATLANTIS I found myself imagining a stocky Harrison Ford. In THE ATLANTIS PROPHECY he morphed into Timothy Dalton at his best. In THE ATLANTIAS REVELATION I could easily see Alex O'Laughlin in the role. Perhaps that is indicative of the character's own growth through the series although my impressions of him become younger and much better looking with each story.

I love the blending of what Atlanean lore we do have coupled with some well woven historical facts into a thrilling fiction. I hope that even when the Alignment is vanquished Mr. Greanias will find a way to keep Conrad in white knuckled adventures for a long time to come.


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