Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Publisher: Pocket
Date published: April 2008
ISBN: 978-0743491921
Thriller, Action Adventure
Reviewed by Gina
Obtained via: Library

Four years after his father's death Conrad Yeats stands before his father's grave. He isn't exactly grieving for the deceased elder Yeats. After all, his father was a rather enigmatic and not the most loving of men. Add to that what amounted to playing mind games with the young Conrad's mind, there doesn't seem to be much of a loss to mourn.

Then, from the grave his father tosses him one more bone to pick. Or rather, on top of his grave. When his tombstone is revealed Conrad is stunned not only because of its resemblance to the Washington Monument, but because of the puzzling words, numbers and designs that grace the headstone.

Meanwhile, an ocean away Vatican linguist, nun Serena Serghetti is summoned to Cardinal Tucci's office. He has a mission for her -- to find the original spheres that are tied to President George Washington and bring them back to the Vatican. Knowing Conrad is involved causes her no amount of consternation because Conrad is the one man who could make her leave her religious life behind. E-bomb can take out a major city and then some, the pair are forced to work together. Will their growing attraction for each other survive the quickly moving attack? From the orderly streets of Washington, D.C. to the opulence of a drug lord's lair in Columbia they manage, only barely, to stay a step ahead of their pursuers. She departs for the United States and the pending confrontation with Conrad. Their reunion, however, isn't a polite "long time no see" or a warm embrace. Oh no, when the pair come together it is nothing less than explosive. With a hidden government with a secret agenda on their heels they have hours to save the world. Strap yourself in, hold on to your hat, the adventure is about to begin.

I finished THE ATLANTIS PROPHECY this afternoon at lunch and ten hours later I am still trying to catch my breath. Thomas Greanias doesn't give his readers a moment to sit back and relax in THE ATLANTIS PROPHECY, the second book in Greanias' Atlantic series. I couldn't put the book down for very long, which wasn't a good thing when I stayed up till the early hours of the morning reading instead of getting some sleep before work the next day. Combining Masonic lore, archaeology, Atlantean theory and plain ole action adventure in one outstanding read Greanias outdoes himself.

I was drawn to and enjoyed Raising Atlantis simply because of my own fascination with Atlantis. While ATLANTIS PROPHECY isn't about the lost continent itself, it speculates a fascinating outcome should some of the Atlantean citizens have survived whatever cataclysm befell them.

I did have a moment's pause in the beginning of the book when the Navy Blue Angels do a missing man formation for Air Force General Yeats. I believe if a precision flying team would have performed such an honor, it would have been the Air Force's Thunderbirds and not the famed Navy/Marine team. There is also a scene where Conrad takes an envelope and tapes it to a shelf and then a few pages later tapes it somewhere else again without having moved it the first time. It's one of those things an editor should have caught if not the author himself.

Those minor issues aside, this is a fantastic read. There is a hint of forbidden romance and Serena's inner conflict is well done. Conrad's cunning and split second decision making are jaw dropping. This is one series I hope continues for the next decade.


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