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BONDS OF MALERI by Kate Steele

Publisher: Changeling Press
Date published: October 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60521-340-8 (electronic)/978-1-59596-481-6 (Paperback)
Paranormal, Science Fiction, Ménage, Gay/Lesbian, Futuristic, Collection, Action/Adventure
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Reviewed by Dawn

CLICK TO PURCHASE!On the planet Bethola, there is a group of extraordinary men, the Maleri, empaths who, if they do not find their chosen mate, can end up mad or insane. The only thing that can stem this is the love of their mate with which they join mind, body and soul. This is a collection of five stories that will stir your senses and take you away to a place where love, desire and more all blend seamlessly within the pages. This is an author who knows how to keep the reader aching for more with each one and the reader is thrust in a world of sexy empaths and their destined mates. Get ready for the Maleri.

The collection kicks off with MATE HUNT (Book 1), where the reader is introduced into the world of the Maleri and Bethola. Here we meet Col, who finally has to find his mate or slip into madness that is the bane of every Maleri who doesn’t find his mate. Going to earth, he finds the one man that eases his mind and stirs a desire inside that has him left wanting more. Matthew doesn’t know what to believe. Is Col telling the truth? Can Matthew find a way to reach for happiness long denied?

Ms. Steele introduces the Maleri with her first story that had me flipping the pages with gusto. I needed to see if Matthew would accept the man before him is not human yet is his heart and soul. Sensitive and romantic at times, this is an author who knows how to heat things up then slow it down to a simmer. It definitely captured my imagination.

It seamlessly goes into the next story, DOUBLE OR NOTHING (Book 2). This time it is Matthew’s brother Eric who finds himself on the receiving end of the Maleri mate bond with not one but two sexy guys. Enter in twin Maleri brothers, Greyian and Sethian Dennon. Two of the hottest guys Eric has seen or met and he wants them as much as they want him. When Eric is kidnapped by a scientist on a distant planet a secret is found that may have harmful consequences for the Maleri.

This was an intriguing story though I did find the plot a little weak at times. The author delivers action, adventure and twins who made me drool. Who doesn’t want two hot guys worshipping you in every way imaginable? Ms. Steele delivers one hot story that will surely leave you breathless.

Next up was BETWEEN LOVE & LAW (book 3). This time the head of security of Talskin City, Chasetien Kaldor is about to find his mate, one that has him blinking in shock. For thief Cazius Rey, his life is nothing compared to the acts he has had to do and endure since coming under service of Kogan Delman. Now tasked to steal a rare jewel of Talskin City for his dubious employer, Caz is forced to make a choice-either steal the jewel or find his family destroyed. Can Chase help his destined mate before it is too late?

Dang if I didn’t fall in love with Caz and Chase from the beginning of BETWEEN LOVE & LAW. Both have a vulnerability that calls to the reader. It was a sexy, well written story that leaves you longing for more after the last page is read.

Then came RIDE EM’ COWBOY (book 4). Here we meet Zebian Baker, a Maleri who lost his parents at an early age and though he has lived with his foster parents/brothers of the Maleri, he refuses to let the wall around him down to see the love they have for him. Sent on a mission to Earth to learn about ranching, Zeb finds himself falling for a man that stirs something inside Zeb he thought was long buried. Jace Fremont is not thrilled to have Zeb at Free Plains ranch but he can’t help noticing how sexy and virile he is, especially as both men find themselves falling for one another. Can these two find a way to bridge not just culture differences but planetary differences to have their happily ever after?

Oh man, you have a sexy cowboy, a young stud and all this simmering sexual tension; I swear the computer screen was about to combust from all the steam it generated. Zeb and Jace are opposites that balance the other perfectly. Sexy, fast paced and simmering sexual tension keeps the reader flipping the pages to see what happens next.

Finally, we have REDEMPTION (Book 5). Maleri Jorrian Tavaris was banished years before for an act that caused death to another. He has spent the last years trying to redeem himself in his eyes and never has sought out his mate, determined to die quietly away. Well that was the plan until one chance encounter with Dr. Dane Jeffers, a human who stirs Jorrian’s heart and pulls at his emotions even as he tries to deny the bond that grows between them. Can these two find a way to bridge personal demons and find a way to fight for a love that will not be denied, no matter what?

I originally thought REDEMPTION would be a light hearted story but instead it is a deep story about forgiveness, redemption and love. Ms. Steele delivers a heart wrenching story that leaves you gasping for air and longing to know more. Jorrian & Dane are at a crossroads-both have a past that still has its grip on them yet it is up to them to make the choice to go either right or left. Either way will change their lives completely. This is truly a true gem of a story that leaves you with a smile on your face and in your heart.

BONDS OF MALERI is a collection of novellas that run the gamut of light heartedness to deep soul stirring emotions. I was absolutely blown away by this author’s well developed world and characters within this collection as a whole and in the individual stories themselves. With each story, the reader is drawn further into the world of the Maleri and their search for their destined mate. I truly hope Ms. Steele comes back to this world again in the future. I would love to see these beloved characters again as well as meet some new ones. This is truly a wonderful collection of stories that will leave you breathless from start to finish.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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