Monday, April 12, 2010

Call For Judges


The Golden Roses are back

Since 2001 the Golden Roses have been one of the most coveted awards. Love Romances and More was among the first, if not the first contest looking for excellence in reading and writing. Over the past few years any number of contests have sprung up and after taking a look at many of the current offerings decided this year we did not want to run yet another popularity contest. While it is gratifying to see authors rally around others from their company, we've seen these contests move from excellence in writing to who can garner the most votes.

So this year we are launching a different kind of contest. This year we will have five categories:

Paranormal/Sci fi
Romantic Suspense
Contemporary Romance (including women's fiction)

One staff reviewer will head up each category but we need additional judges. We have a comprehensive, yet easy to complete score sheet to rate the books in each category. At the end the votes will be tallied for a "best of" in each of our five categories.

Do you like to read
Would you have the time to read 4-5 books from June 1 through mid-July?
Are you over 18
Would you like to help judge the Golden Roses?

CAVEAT: Some of our entries may be M/M and F/F.

Send an email to with your preferred genre followed by a second choice in genre. When the reading period begins we will transmit either the electronic version to you or mail the printed books. Sorry, we cannot promise a preference in print or electronic, we need to go with what each author or publisher deems appropriate.

We hope to hear from you.

Any questions please write Angie at or Gina at

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