Saturday, April 10, 2010


Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Date published: March 2010
ISBN: 1-60154-625-4
Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by T. Barringer
Obtained via: publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Liz Phelps’ MIRROR IMAGES is a funny and romantic suspense about burying past monsters, reconnecting, forming new bonds and forgiveness.

Once upon a time, two twin sisters were separated after a kidnapper returned one sister to the love of her family and gave the other to his less than desirable girlfriend to raise. Danny Potter grew up on the mean streets of Chicago with little in the way of affection. Family friend of the other twin, Austin McKean and his security firm have been searching for the missing twin for years when Danny is finally spotted in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. But Austin isn’t the only one on Danny’s trail. An assassin has been hired to eliminate both sisters.

Liz Phelps has written a funny, fast-paced, and heart warming romantic suspense in MIRROR IMAGES. Danny Potter and her beast of a dog Barkley are all attitude and sass. Danny’s twin sister Dee is just about her polar opposite. She is quiet, demure and ladylike. Austin McKean is ex-military, straight-laced and used to getting his way. He has also known Dee all of his life. So when he meets Dee’s mirror image yet complete opposite, the sparks sizzle and the fur flies. Danny has Austin not knowing which way is up by the end of the story. The romantic journey for these two is both very amusing and not to be missed.

The lesser characters in this story, while providing intriguing sub-plots, also shine and beg for stories of their own. Austin’s spirited, red-headed sister is a standout for her own story and Austin’s laughing hyena business partner, Dirk, is sure to be experiencing a little payback when love finally knocks on his door. Danny & Dee’s mother, and of course Barkley, are also colorful additions to the story that tugs at your heartstrings.

Liz Phelps’ writing style is so fluid and fun that this reader is definitely keeping her eyes open for future Phelps stories. Romantic suspense fans who enjoy a little humor and mischief in their story will not want to miss out on this up and coming author. Liz Phelps’ MIRROR IMAGES has well earned its’ five stars for an intriguing plot, entertaining characters and fast paced suspense. Any book that keeps a smile on this reader’s face this long truly deserves every one of those stars.


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