Saturday, April 3, 2010


Publisher: Aspen Mountain Press
Date published: February 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60168-279-6
Erotic Romance/Fantasy
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

Hades, The Lord of the Underworld, spies Persephone on the mortal plains, he is immediately smitten with her. With help from a few immortal friends, Hades spirits her away and so begins the seduction of the woman who holds the Lord of the Underworld’s heart in her hands. Persephone doesn’t know what she wants in her life and when Hades steals her away, she finds her place in the world, with a man who stirs her passions and steals her heart away all with a kiss. When Demeter vows to destroy the mortal world if Persephone is not returned to her side; time is not on Hades side as he tries to win the lovely Persephone’s heart without guile and both find something more precious than either immortal has ever known-Love.

BRIDE OF DEATH is a wonderful story about the romance of Hades and Persephone. With a vivid back drop, Ms. Summers delves into the ancient world of the gods/goddesses and delivers a story so powerful it will steal your heart in the process. I loved the way she made her characters practically leap off the pages. This is an author who truly knows her background and incorporates it in a story so profound it brings tears to your eyes in the end. Fast paced storyline, some wonderful secondary characters and a possible hint at the next story in this amazing new series from Ms. Summers makes up the Mythos series, BRIDE OF DEATH. Settle in for one wild ride as the god of death finds his heart in the goddess of spring.

Everyone knows either one or another of the many interpretations of Hades & Persephone’s story and Ms. Summer delivers a fresh take on it. The intensity of her storyline completely took me away and you could almost feel the wind of the Underworld on your face as Persephone did the first time or the way Hades showed her what she looks like to him-beautiful and desirable. I could actually see it playing out in my mind like a movie, one I would gladly fork over money to see in the future. Ms. Summer is a masterful storyteller who completely captivates her readers from the first page to the last. With a broad stroke of her pen, she creates multi-dimensional characters, a fast paced storyline and sprinkles in a romance so tender it brings tears to your eyes. The sex scene didn’t take away from the story at all, but enhanced it as Hades shows Persephone the delights of passion. After reading BRIDE OF DEATH, I had to race to see when the next Mythos book will be out as there is a hint of who is next to fall to love’s (or Eros’s) arrow. If you enjoy a new romantic take on an ancient myth, then grab BRIDE OF DEATH. I highly recommend it and hope the author doesn’t leave us waiting too long for the next one.


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Celina Summers said...

Thank you LR&M--I always love it when you review my work. Thanks for the warm fuzzies!