Saturday, April 3, 2010


Publisher: Harlequin Super Romance
Publication Date: March 2010
ISBN: 9780373716258
Contemporary romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Penny
Obtained via: Publisher

Sass had a job to do. From New York to New Zealand to seal a deal for the new resort for her company and she is definitely out of her element. She just wants to do the job and get back home. Her job is going to be a difficult one, thanks to the coworker that screwed up. Now the environmentalist and townspeople have already marked her as the enemy and untrustworthy.

Jake, a champion surfer is not happy with his role of showing the New York lawyer around. He knows what damage a large crowd of tourists will do to the endangered birds living in the area. He just needs to prove to Sass what a shame it would be to ruin such a breathtakingly beautiful place with something so hideous as a vacation resort.

I enjoyed every aspect of this book. The author, Ms Bell, has done a superb job in getting each point of view out there in a way that the reader, no matter what side they might fall on, can see the benefits…and drawbacks…to Sass’s success. A resort of this nature would not only provide jobs to an area that is plagued with a high unemployment rate, it will also draw customers in the form of tourists to fledgling local businesses. But at what cost to a delicate ecosystem to a bird population that has been almost completely erased from existence. Can either Sass or Jake get the other to see their side?

Sass is a competent, and independent woman. I glory in leading ladies with these qualities. Of course she is also very dedicated to her work and should she prevail she will be up for a promotion. Jake is my kind of leading man. He is of course, handsome and intelligent, but also is gentle and kind, yet he stands for what he believes in. These characters are complex, and I commend Ms Bell for an excellent job in penning them.

The ending is a surprise and one that is fitting for such a tale. I was smiling and more than impressed when it came time to close the book after reading the very last page. Very good job, Ms Bell. I look forward to reading your work in the future.


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