Thursday, May 27, 2010


Publisher: Grand Central
Date published: July 2010
ISBN: 978-044654204-3
Romantic Suspense
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Gina
Obtained via: Publisher

From political prison to unwilling companion to one of the most nefarious drug lords, di Silva, in Columbia, Madeline Reynard accepts what comes her way for no other reason than to save her younger sister, Jenny's life. When she finds out one day that Jenny died many months past, she is ready to make her break. Relying on a parting gift from a fellow prisoner, a man who showed her kindness and hope in San Mateo prison, she ventures to the American Embassy. Her hopes are dashed when her contact is assassinated.

A continent away A-TAC is called upon to rescue Madeline and bring her back to Langley for debriefing on the di Silva organization. Fresh from an assignment in Europe, an assignment that almost got him killed, Drake Flynn is ready to return to the field along with his teammates, Avery, Nash and Tyler. Finding their way to Madeline is a walk in the park. Trying to keep her in their protective custody is an entirely different matter. A lifetime of relying on herself and disappointed dreams, Madeline has no use for the A-TAC team in general and Drake Flynn in particular. When she sees the chance to ditch her rescuers, she takes it. But Drake isn't about to let his mission go south and goes after her. The creatures that habitate the South American jungle have nothing on the human predators that track them back to the very prison Madeline escaped from not that long ago. With their equipment on the blink and their every move stymied the team isn't sure who they can trust.

South America is a tried and true hot bed for federal agent romantic suspenses. Between the jungles, animal as well as human predators, language barriers and the culture of drug lords there are myriad stories to be told. In DANGEROUS DESIRES Dee Davis weaves a story with an entirely different perspective. Refreshing and suspenseful Drake and Madeline's story had me sitting with white knuckles and my breath held as they managed to find their way from one scrape only to fall into the next. Their own dynamics added additional layers of tension and expectation. How could a man who was burned by a lover the way Drake was trust again? And how could a woman who spent a lifetime fending for herself learn to rely on a man who could put a permanent end to her hard fought freedom?

There are a number of twists and turns in this story that make you stop and catch your breath while you mull over what has happened to the characters. And just when you think you have seen them all Ms Davis hits you with the ultimate twist. It is well done and paves the way for another equally as engrossing tale.

DANGEROUS DESIRES is the second book in Ms. Davis current series, what I think of as the double Dee series, and while it is a stand alone, you don't want to miss book one, Dark Deceptions.


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