Thursday, May 27, 2010

THE QUEENS OF MAREB 3: Temair’s Aire Book 3 in series by Violet Summers

Publisher: Changeling Press
Date published. April 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60521-422-1
Paranormal, Menage, BBW, Bisexual and More
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! On the world of Mareb, the women are the rulers and the men wield magic. It was an equitable situation until Temair found herself center of a rebel plot to overthrow the Queendoms’. Now with her first two consorts picked and falling in love with Temair, Temair is on to Aire kingdom and this time trouble looms. Bonding with her Fyre and Rayne consorts was easy, now with Aire she finds herself fighting not just for her soon-to-be consort but for her life as well. Can Temair and the family she is building help Zevon believe he is more than what he was told by his family?

Oh man, I have to admit this book is the best of the series so far. Ms. Summers delves deeper into Mareb and the kingdom of Emetra and delivers a soul stirring story that will leave you breathless. I love the dynamics of Temair and her fellow consorts. You have the warrior, the playful man and now one who needs her more than ever. With the right amount of passion & mystery, this is an author who captures her characters perfectly. She shows the vulnerability of Zevon, the tight reign he has on his emotions and the fact he yearns for some goodness and hope in his life even as he tries to not hope that this time he can finally have the life he dreams of. The characters are growing delightfully with each book and the reader is transported to other areas of Emetra in each book. With a fast paced storyline, Ms. Summers delivers a story that leaves you eager for more.

Temair has been on her tour of Queendom for her four elemental consorts. The ones who will bring out her own elemental powers and together will forge a family that will help her rule Emetra. She had no problem bonding with her Lords of Fyre and Rayne but in Aire, she finds darkness and a desire that will leave her risking everything for the one man she wants and needs with all her heart. I love Temair with her two lord consorts-Dathan (Rayne) and Micah (Fyre) but with Zevon, Temair and her consorts find a wounded man who will need everything they have in order to survive the Aire kingdom. Multi-dimensional characters bring something alive to this series and it is true in the third book of The Queens of Mareb series, Temair’s Aire. You actually feel like you are part of the story when reading one of this author’s books and I was blown away by the sheer desire to know more about them. Add in some wonderful secondary characters who keep the fast moving storyline flowing and some unexpected twists and turns and you have the makings of a wonderful story for readers to enjoy.

THE QUEENS OF MAREB 3: TEMAIR’S AIRE is an emotionally charged story that will keep you spellbound till the very end. With some wonderful characters, twists that have you going “Oh my god!” to such hot passion, you are drawn into Temair’s search and root for her to find her happily ever after in the end. I do recommend reading the first two books in the series as each book capitalizes on the last one. If you enjoy a highly dynamic series that will have you racing to the author’s website to see when the next book is out, then grab The Queen’s Of Mareb series. It is one I highly recommend for an afternoon of reading pleasure.


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