Monday, May 31, 2010


Publisher: Wings ePress
Date published: March 2010
ISBN: ebook 978-1-59705-334-1/print 978-1-59705-665-6
Science fiction, futuristic
Reviewed by Valerie
Obtained via Publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! This is an anthology with three short stories about some of the characters in Angela Verdenius’ Love, Heart and Soul series.

In Love: Marten and Lysie - we find out what happens when a Fely woman gives birth. Lysie almost drives Marten mad with her mood swings, her "nesting". His patience and love is sorely tested when Lysie’s contractions start, when they are some ways from home.

In Heart: Davan and Delias - we meet two characters who have been mentioned in previous books. Delias is Red’s sister and Davan is a Daaman Head Peacekeeper. These two have some serious issues to sort out. Also, Delias risks her life to help capture some slave traders which doesn’t sit well with Davan at all.

In Soul: Cam and Sabra - we meet two beloved characters and some of the things they are still learning about each other after they are married. Sabra is often "on the road" catching the bad guys while Cam is often away trading. These two star-struck lovers meet whenever they can.

Oh, it was wonderful to take a glimpse back into the wonderful world Angela Verdenius has created and the wonderful characters that inhabit her worlds. My favourites are the Daaman men…oh my! My heart goes pitty-pat along with the lucky heroines who manage to snag one of them. I have been a fan of these books for a long time and am always excited when one is released. This talented author writes really great characters that slip right under your skin. The dialogue is snappy, snazzy and the barbs that are thrown will get you smiling. In Heart: Davan and Delias and Soul: Cam and Sabra, we also see how Ms. Verdenius writes truly bad villains. If you’ve been following this series, you will absolutely love this one. You don’t always get the chance to revisit people in a series and see what’s happening with them. If you like kick-ass heroines and the hunky men who love them, then you will certainly enjoy this. I can guarantee that if this is the first book you pick up by this author, you will want to read her backlist. I warn you, though it is quite extensive and addictive! I do hope Ms. Verdenius is busy writing the next book, and many, many more, too!

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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