Monday, May 31, 2010

TORI’S SECRET by Mina Carter

Wicked Wraith’s book 1
Publisher: Changeling Press
Date published: January 2010
ISBN: 978-1-60521-388-0
Paranormal, Urban Fantasy
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained via Publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Tori is trying to find the perfect man but alas, all she gets are the ones who are arrogant, annoying and down right, scary. Her latest date has her so mad that she decides to conjure up the perfect guy for her-a wraith. So what if he all magic, he will do perfectly for Tori except this wraith has a secret that can either destroy the blossoming romance between Tori and himself or save Jacob from a death worse than death was. Can Tori say those three little words to have the man she wants-heart, soul and mind?

Ok, I have to admit…I wasn’t sure what to make of this introduction to the Wicked Wraith’s series. I love this author’s work and frankly, found TORI’S SECRET to be a hot little read. Tight writing, a fast paced storyline and steamy sex scenes that moved the story along had me flipping the pages to see what would happen next. The characters are well defined and I had to giggle a few times over some of the descriptions of a few secondary characters. I could actually picture them in my head which made me giggle even harder.

Meet Tori, a woman who has one disastrous date after another. She seems to have great potential until the guy shows his true colors. She has met the arrogant, the annoying and now scary. Frustrated and annoyed she cannot find the perfect man, she conjures a Wraith to help ease her desires. What she never anticipates is being drawn to Jacob even as he sates her sexual desires in every possible way. Jacob was regulated to the Wraith’s when he died and now on the eve of him becoming a cleaning wraith, he is called to Tori-a woman so perfect in his eyes all he wants to do is keep her safe from harm. Jacob has a secret that he is keeping from Tori. He never expects to fall in love with the feisty and sexy woman who calls to his heart. Can these two overcome their odds and find their own happily ever after? Wow is all I can say when these two come in a scene. Sparks fly, sexual tension explodes and if you don’t have a cool place to cool down then shame on you. Tori and Jacob are perfect for each other and add in some wonderful secondary characters that keep the story flowing smoothly and you have an intriguing mix of sex, romance and magic all wrapped in a bow.

Ms. Carter weaves a spell around her readers’ with some amazing characters that are so life-like, I was wondering if I could have a wraith myself. I really enjoyed TORI’S SECRET and am eager to read the next in the series. If you enjoy a unique look on wraiths then grab TORI’S SECRET and the kick off to the Wicked Wraith’s series. Just make sure you have a bag of ice or your significant other to help cool you down afterwards.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this review.

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