Tuesday, May 25, 2010

STILL THE ONE by Robin Wells

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Date published: April 2010
ISBN: 978-0-446-55598-2
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

With a blink of an eye, Katie Charmaine’s life went up in smoke. Her husband is killed in Iraq and with that one instant the dreams of children and a happily ever after with her love went poof. Then before she can figure out her life, change comes again in the form of Zack Ferguson-the one who left her alone and pregnant seventeen years before. This time though Zack has their daughter she gave up years before in tow and she is pregnant. Emotions go into boiling as Katie and Zack face their past and help their daughter as she deals with her pregnancy. Can these two find a way to forgive their past mistakes and a chance for their own happily ever after?

STILL THE ONE is a poignant story of past mistakes, changes and love long thought dead. I haven’t read any of this author’s other books but found this latest novel a wonderful blend of family drama, emotional issues and a romance that will heal the hardest of hearts. The story is rich in detail, characters and delivers it all with a big red bow. With characters that fairly step off the pages and into your heart, Ms. Wells delivers a story that will charm you from the beginning.

Meet Katie Charmaine, a woman who just had her world crashing down around her when she gets the news that her husband has died in Iraq and now the family she has envisioned is gone with a blink of an eye. Katie tries to understand and accept the changes when her world is rocked yet again with the reappearance of her long ago lover, Zack Ferguson…..along with the daughter she gave up for adoption seventeen years before. Zack has never forgotten Katie and he doesn’t think he can forgive her for the secret she kept from him in regards of their daughter, Gracie. Can these two wounded hearts find their way back to one another? These two are wonderful together. Katie is a woman who made difficult decision years before and is overjoyed to have her daughter in her life but she is a bit uncertain about Zack. He left her, alone and pregnant, when she needed him the most. Trust is hard for Katie in regards to Zack yet the sexual tension simmers between them. Both characters are multi-dimensional, have flaws and vulnerabilities that tug at the readers’ heart as they flip the pages of this wonderful book. I loved the way these characters meshed together and tried to be there for their new found daughter, Gracie as she deals with what Katie went through years before.

The author does a really good job in getting into the hearts of her characters and delivers a stirring story of second chances and love. With the right amount of humor, desires, and romance as Katie’s newfound family goes through changes that affect them all. I look forward to checking out this authors backlist and to enjoy more of her stories. If you enjoy a highly emotional, family, drama that will make you smile, sigh and swoon over, then grab STILL THE ONE.


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