Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SWEET PERFECTION Tygers series book 2 by Melinda Barron

Publisher: Loose Id Publishing
Date published: September 2007
ISBN: 978-1-59632-542-5
Contemporary BDSM, Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained by Publisher

CLICK TO PURCHASE! Detective Eric Neal likes to be in control, in his work and in his personal life as a Master Dom. When a case goes seriously wrong and he makes a choice that has him second guessing his life and work, he spirals out of control, withdrawing away from friends and family as he tries to live with his choices. When he is assigned to check out the break-ins at La Tienda Dulce bakery, he figures it’s an easy case to solve except he finds much more in the form of owner, Angelica “Angel” Vega and a mystery that will leave both Angel and Eric working together to solve. Can Angel soothe Eric’s heart and soul as she submits to his Dom? Can Eric make peace with himself even as he falls for his Angel?

SWEET PERFECTION was more interesting to me as a reader. The story was more intriguing than the first one, SWEET VIBRATIONS, and in the process had me flipping the pages in anticipation rather than turned off. The author delves into a secondary character, Eric Neal, from SWEET VIBRATIONS, and gives him a story that had was more emotionally rich and in-depth. The characters, Eric and Angel, were also more appealing to me as a reader. Multi-dimensional and vulnerable, both characters were perfect for the other and the author slowly peeled the layers away from them to show the reader their heart & soul.

Meet Det. Eric Neal. He is a man haunted by one choice that caused another to lose his life. Bereft and unable to live with his choice, he withdraws into himself, drawing away from friends, family and even his playtime at his favorite BDSM club, Tygers, due to self-doubt. An unexpected case leads him to the one woman who may be able to heal his soul and give him the one thing he needs more than ever-her love. I enjoyed Eric in SWEET VIBRATIONS and fell for him in SWEET PERFECTION. He was a strong alpha male who was wounded and weary. He definitely gave me shivers when he stepped on the page and when he met Angel, wow did sparks fly. Angel is a feisty woman, independent and strong willed. When she meets Eric, she thinks he is a pain even as he tries to solve her robberies at the store. What entails is a relationship that will leave you panting even as you try to figure out who is scaring Angel and her employees. The author does a good job in creating some intriguing characters for the reader to enjoy as well as keep the suspense on high as the climatic conclusion looms. The sex scenes enhance the story rather than over take it which was a delight for me in SWEET PERFECTION.

SWEET PERFECTION is a really wonderful story that will leave you breathless. With the right amount of suspense, simmering sexual tension and a fast paced storyline, the author delivers countless hours of reading pleasure in her second book in the Tygers series. If you enjoy a well-rounded story with BDSM elements, then grab SWEET PERFECTION.


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