Friday, May 14, 2010


Publisher: Bantam Dell
Publication Date: April 2010
ISBN: 978-0553807882
Paranormal Romance
Reviewed by Gina
Obtained via publisher

Did you ever wonder how werewolves Clayton Danvers and Elena met? Or how Eve Levine and Kristof Nast began their relationship? Or how Lucas and Paige Cortez' overcame their otherwise opposite destinies? In her TALES OF THE OTHERWORLD Kelley Armstrong takes us in to the early days of some of our favorite couples and shares with us their heartaches, hopes and dreams.

Aaron was basically a good guy. He looked out for the underdog and protected those weaker than himself. One night though he took on someone who was stronger or faster or simply got in a lucky stab. When he wakes up several days later his mother celebrates his life, or rather, his living death. Torn between wanting to do the right thing and not take another life, elder vampire, Cassandra, shows him a different path. Will he take it?

Lucas Cortez never wanted any of the trappings of the family sorcerer cabal. After years of simply avoiding his father and what the family business offered, through the love of his life, Paige Winterbourne, he found a way to live with what he was. Protecting and defending other supernaturals, as an attorney, Lucas pursues his calling. But will his older brothers let him live long enough to achieve his goals? In TALES OF THE OTHERWORLD readers have the opportunity to see what went on behind the scenes at the Cortez-Winterbourne household.

In MEN OF THE OTHERWORLD readers learned how incredibly handsome and sexy Clayton Danvers made the choice to become a werewolf as a child. In TALES OF THE OTHERWORLD, through Clay and Elena's words readers are taken to how the couple met, fell in love and then severed their once in a life time love. Clay always knew there was one and only one mate for him. Despite pack brothers Nick and Logan taking him first to heterosexual bars and venues and then to gay bars, Clay never gravitated to anyone. Then one day he began teaching at the university in Toronto and met Elena. He bided his time, tamped down his wolf nature, and courted her like a human male. And one day he brought her home to meet his family. When Jeremy forbid their relationship, Clay took matters into his own hands and destroyed the love, trust and faith Elena felt for him. In TALES OF THE OTHERWORLD Ms. Armstrong shares what drives Clay and his heartbreak when he realizes he must choose between Elena and the pack. I fell in love with the character all over again as more of his past was revealed.

That makes TALES OF THE OTHERWORLD even more special is Ms. Armstrong's actions to donate the proceeds of this marvelous collection to charity. Reconnect with some of your favorite characters and welcome to their world.


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